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Posted on August 7, 2017 by Christine Crosby in artichokes, orzo, pasta, recipe

Mimi’s Orzo Salad

Mimi’s Orzo Salad

orzoI love a good orzo salad, and this is now my favorite. This recipe is fresh and tangy and down right fun to eat and so it goes with pretty much everything!

Thanks, Mimi of Lake Mary, FL for sharing this yummy recipe!

Psst….If you have a recipe you want to share, please send on over to editor@grandmagazine.com.

Mimi’s Orzo Salad


Orzo – I do not recommend “Rice Select” Brand (in the plastic tub). It is too large and is too starchy.  All other brands so far have been fine.

– cooked al dente as directed – do not rinse.  You do not have to let it cool before adding all the other ingredients.

orzoMarinated Artichoke Hearts – Even with the “artichoke heart” designation, I cut off those end slivers and use only the chunky parts cut in small pieces

Save some of that marinade for the salad just for a little more flavor (but be careful – you don’t want too much liquid).

Cucumbers – using those “little” cucumbers (oh, what are they called?!  – I’m addicted to them.), scrubbed, leave skin on, slice and quarter

Tomatoes – using cherry or any other of the little guys, sliced and cut slices in half. Don’t just cut the tomato in half, cut them this way or quarter them.

orzoRoasted sweet pepper strips chopped.

Black Olives, sliced by three or four

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as desired

Champagne Vinegar to taste  – Important to use this kind of mild vinegar.  Start out with just a little bit and then adjust to your taste.

Salt or a little garlic salt to taste

I think I cooked 12 or 16 oz of the orzo, a bag of cucumbers, a container of the tomatoes, a jar of sweet pepper strips and I get large jars of artichoke hearts from Costco and do not use a whole jar of those, but a couple of those little jars of Vigo marinated arts will work and don’t forget to keep and use a little of the marinade.

* If you want gluten free, I found an orzo that is made of rice and corn (but then there’s that corn!) which is gluten free.  I like the pasta!

Mix it all up. It’s good for days right out of the frig!  YUM!

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