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Care Motion Helps Seniors Be Independent

Care Motion Helps Seniors Be Independent

Grandparents are recognized as the nurturers and heart of every family, often putting others’ needs before their own. That’s why Grandparents Day (September 10) was created in the seventies, to honor and recognize the commitments you’ve made and the love you have provided. But today’s generation of grandparents are the hippest, most-educated and healthiest of any generation of grandparents in American history – resulting in different wants and needs than those 40 years ago.

Most notably, 85% of the baby boomer generation would prefer to age at home, independently – something uncommon in past decades. In light of this trend and to celebrate Grandparents Day, here are three products recommended by Care Motion, a growing online retailer for home medical equipment:


care motionInvacare Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator – designed with practicable durability in mind, this portable oxygen includes advanced technology that automatically adjusts to deliver the right amount of oxygen no matter how much or how little is needed.



EWheels Ew-52 Scooter – the most powerful (and stylish) four-wheel scooter in the U.S. with 15 mph max speed, 45-mile range, 500lb weight capacity, cruise control, 3 speaker stereo system and alarm system



Care MotionDrive Panther 4-Wheel All-Terrain Scooter – this modern scooter combines style with best-in-class performance for a smooth ride in almost all terrains. The Panther comes equipped with a USB port for charging modern devices while en route.


Care Motion provides these products (and many more) as advocates for helping seniors enjoy a higher quality of life while living at home. To further this mission, the company launched a virtual shopping assistant designed to eliminate the pain points associated with purchasing home medical equipment. Using personal data points and a unique algorithm, the new virtual shopping assistant is designed to aid in the decision-making process. Customers are asked to enter basic health and fitness information, which allows the tool to recommend the best products to suit their needs and help seniors regain their independence at home in a quick, cost-effective way.

To celebrate you and all you’ve done for your family, Care Motion is offering an exclusive 10% Grandparents Day discount using the code GRANDSALE17. You can also head over to and share a picture with your grandchild and hashtag #DoSomethingGrand for a chance to win a free scooter!

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