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High Times With Grammy

High Times With Grammy


Marijuana makes news regularly. As of this writing, twenty-six states have laws legalizing marijuana is some way and more will very soon. Plus 7 states and D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. More states are decriminalizing the use of the drug.

Yet, it’s not a topic you often hear talked about around the dinner table. It’s likely not one you ever discussed with your own grandparents but it might be one you talk about some day with your grandchildren if you think there is value in their knowing about your experience.

highIf you’re like many grandparents today, you have had some experience with pot. You smoked (maybe even inhaled), or you knew someone who did, or maybe you still do. For many of our generation, pot is like alcohol, something we enjoy or enjoyed recreationally and in moderation. Some of us have even gotten high with our adult children, while others don’t even talk about it with them.

If you’re like many grandparents today, you have had some experience with pot.

There is a broad spectrum of opinion about the right way to handle the topic, particularly, now that legalization may be right around the corner. Is it a good idea for your grandkids to know that you can relate to their lives in that way? Might they benefit from some of your wisdom borne out of experience?

We asked readers to tell us their experiences with their grandchildren and marijuana. We chose one story we found fascinating.

Here’s what Micki Goldberg wrote:

My grandsons range in age from 18 to almost 25. They all know that Bubbe and Gramps smoked grass back in the day. Several have brought us little packets on their trips home from college. And, no, we have not smoked with them. 


About four years ago, we had Thanksgiving at our home at the Jersey shore. All children and all grandsons were staying in a rented house nearby. 

Much later, after dinner and games, three grandsons remained after all others had gone to bed for the night. It was curious, but became clearer when one of the boys said that it was time, as he produced a few joints. 


It just felt uncomfortable. I knew they smoked; they were 18 and 19. It just didn’t feel right. They were so disappointed. I think Gramps would have gone along, but he respected my feelings. I’m sorry about that now and if there is another opportunity, I think I shall partake.

But who knows. 

So, readers, we ask: What would you have done? If recreational pot becomes legal, would that change your point of view? Do you drink with your of age grandkids or adult children? Is pot any different? Why?


POTDebby Carroll is Avery and Damon’s Grammy and the Executive Editor and Director of Strategic Development for GRAND. Upon discovering how outdated the images of grandparents were in the children’s books she read to Avery, she decided to write a new one on behalf of fabulous, real grandparents everywhere. Real61gt1uyk9nlGrands: From A to Z, Everything a Grandparent Can Be is available on Amazon here.


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