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A Grandson Cures Elder Isolation

A Grandson’s Technology Cure For Elder Isolation

By Christine Crosby

If someone reports feeling lonely, they are more likely to lose their independence and they are at greater risk of dying solely from being lonely – University of California Division of Geriatrics

Isaac Lien is a loving grandson and a California guy. His two wonderful grandmas: Marlys and Joan, live in Iowa and through rituals familiar to many long-distance grands, they see each other five or six times a year. Isaac wished for more time, and quality time with his grandmothers and recognized that they were isolated from other family and friends, too.Isaac is also a gifted tech guy,

Isaac is also a gifted tech guy, having created an app for the Apple store by age 13. So not surprisingly, family get-togethers were often spent troubleshooting devices for his grandmothers and explaining the unexplainable instead of enjoying each other’s company. Isaac describes both his Grandmas as independent, clear-thinking, women but still they found technology daunting..

Isaac brainstormed with his dad and fellow techie, Scott Lien; if only there were a way for Grandmas Joan and Marlys to get all the utility they wanted from technology, the video chats, photo management and music without the complicated capabilities they didn’t need. And if this was such a problem in their family, weren’t there millions of others with the same dilemma?

During Isaac’s Freshman year at Chapman University, he was in one such brainstorming session with his dad when Scott said, “What if we tried to build something ourselves that solves this problem?” Isaac jumped on the idea, and in January 2014, they began the journey that would soon lead to the grandPad.

Isaac with Grandma Marlys

It was a dream come true for Isaac to build technology that would have a positive impact on people’s lives, starting with his own family.

Despite its appearance, the resulting device is more than a tablet. It’s a complete bundled service which solves a multitude of issues for those who are not blessed with the technology gene, and some who are. It is a simple solution for video, phone and email communications, photos, entertainment and the management of life. It is a true friend to the user, to the user’s family and if needed, a caregiver.tecchnology

Everything has been thought through…when sitting in its wireless charging stand (no fiddly little chargers), it doubles as a photo frame.  There is even insurance so the fear of dropping it need not interfere with the joy of using it.


The user doesn’t even need a wireless phone plan. It works anywhere in the U.S. with world-class, 24/7 support. It is everything for communications and you will never get through the 30 million songs there to be enjoyed.

AARP compares the health threat of senior loneliness to smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Here’s how it works. A daughter in California can order a grandPad online for her mom in New York. When she orders, she preloads photos, emails, or special music and it’s shipped directly to mom, ready to go.  All mom has to do is open the package and plug in the charger.

How easy is this? No assembly required! It’s already connected to the internet and is ready to take a picture, send a voice mail, play music and much more. Many users pick up and start using it, no training required.

The company created from Isaac and Scott’s vision is tearing down the wall of isolation that has been the curse of the elderly for generations.  With their brilliantly simple technology, older and infirmed individuals are reconnecting with family and friends, finding a healthier, more independent life for themselves.

The company created from Isaac and Scott’s vision is tearing down the wall of isolation that has been the curse of the elderly for generations

You can buy grandPad direct from their website, www.grandpad.net or call 1-800-704-9412. Families are finding it to be an indispensable part of managed care for their elders. That’s where strategic partners like Comfort Keepers play a vital role, providing reliable, expert in-home care in communities across the country. Along with nutritional meal preparation and grooming or light housekeeping and companionship, they will likely be providing a grandPad to help the family stay connected and let their client get the most joy out of life.

 The grandPad team is one of creative problem solvers who listen to their customers.  The company website shows a corporate team ‘headed’ by senior advisors, literally, people who use the grandPad every day.  Says Isaac proudly, “grandPad will keep exploring and innovating for Grandma Joan, Grandma Marlys and all elders and their families.”


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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