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This Nana Goes With The Flow

This Nana Goes With The Flow

By Bettianne Ford

I try to fit in on my grandchildren’s playing field so I keep current with everything they are up to, attend their events as often as possible, and spend face to face time when I get the chance! Go with the flow is my mantra.  Whatever works!!

I’m still working at 70, so I take vacation days here and there to spend with grands as they are available.  Luckily they all live close by – but they have busy lives, too.

  • This month I saw Despicable Me 3 with my 11-year-old grandson and his mom (my daughter), after a nice lunch at a burger joint.
  • Last month I saw Wonder Woman with my granddaughters, who are 16 and 19 with their mom (my daughter in law).  It was a fun girls night out!
  • It’s harder to catch a free moment with my granddaughter who is a working mom…but I follow her activities and keep up with her on social media.
Bettianne out boating with the G-kids

I keep in touch via text with all of them, supporting them in their interests…One granddaughter is a photographer, like me, and is an official in her 4H group; one granddaughter is a wood turner, and has other art interests; one granddaughter is married and the Mom of a darling 2-year-old; and, my grandson likes to cook, and is a whiz at anything math, science, and electronics related.

I know everyone thinks their grandchildren are great, but mine really ARE!  LOL


If you’re a Nana, Mimi, Gigi, or Grandma who goes with the flow and has a story to share with GRAND, please send to us here.

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