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A Village of Boomer Grandmas

A Village of Boomer Grandmas


The changing roles of women since the 60’s and 70’s which include a huge increase in working mothers and single moms plus blended and extended families have all had a tremendous impact in defining today’s grandmas and today’s grandchild.

The Brady Bunch mom of the seventies.

Now is the era of the Baby Boomer grandma. Think college student protester of the 60’s, Brady Bunch mom of the 70’s, fitness instructor of the 80’s and stockbroker of the 90’s – and many are becoming grandmothers in a world of daycare, step-parents, internet access, and seemingly endless change in family dynamics.

The stereotypical “rocking-chair grandma” are few and far between (if they ever existed). Boomers are a new generation of grandmothers eager to share a wealth of experience — informed by vibrant careers and diverse interests– with their grandkids. If it takes a village to raise a child, a village is what today’s child often experiences with a multitude of “Grands.” And these grandparents often provide essential support by taking on childcare duties for their own kid’s increasingly stressful and busy two-job or single-parent households.

In this delightfully-illustrated book, grandmothers range from biker to hiker and gardener to fashion plate.

Treasuring my role as a grandma, I want to celebrate the diversity and dedication of today’s grandma. “Often we didn’t have the time, opportunity or skills to be the parent we wished we’d been, but now that we finally have grandchildren, we’re eager to make up for that lack – by doing as much with and for our grandkids as we can. I take pride in sharing my love of nature, books, and the world beyond electronics with my grandchild. It’s healthy for both of us!”

About the Author – Rosemary Zibart

Rosemary Zibart is a free-lance writer and the author of several award-winning children’s books. She points out the irony in her book I Have A Grandma Who…” that “Grandmothers are constantly bragging about their grandkids – “I’m one of the worst offenders – but in this book the children boast about their grandmothers.”

In this delightfully-illustrated book, grandmas range from biker to hiker and gardener to fashion plate. All contribute by creating a rich, diverse and loving village for their grandkids to grow up in.

Rosemary Is a former journalist for PARADE, TIME Magazine, and other national publications. Currently, Rosemary writes middle-grade chapter books, picture books and plays for adults. She is also writing a screenplay based on one of her middle-grade novels. Rosemary lives and works in Santa Fe with her husband and near to her son and grandson. For more information please see her website, www.zproductions505.com and check out her Facebook and Twitter.




Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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