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Trendy Grandparent Names

As we look for our grandparent names, some of us go for the traditional ones, some of us want our grandparent names to reflect our ethnic heritage and some of us want to go with something new and trendy.

grandparent namesWhatever grandparent names you and your spouse pick, just remember, ultimately your grandchild will be the one who makes the final decision.

Below are some of the newest most trendy grandparent names:


  • Bammi

  • Birdie

  • CiCi

  • Foxy

  • GaGa

  • GG

  • GeeMa

  • Glammy

grandparent names
Susan Sarandon, aka Honey

According to a USA Today article, In August, Susan Sarandon’s daughter welcomed a baby girl, Marlow Mae. But Sarandon won’t be going by Granny or Grammy or Grandma. Marlow will call the 67-year-old actress Honey.


Whether it’s Honey, GoGo (Goldie Hawn), Jefe (George W. Bush), LaLo (Blythe Danner), Nana, Gigi, or Mimi, more grandparents are eschewing the traditional monikers to embrace something personal. As national Grandparents’ Day approaches on Sunday, Sep. 7, modern grandparents are redefining their roles — starting with nicknames.

“Grandparents want to see themselves as younger and cooler than their own grandparents were, and these new names are symbolic of those changes,” writes Pamela Redmond Satran, creator of Nameberry, in an email.

Roseann Shaiman worried about seeming old, especially because her husband, Alan, teased her by calling her Granny. She thought Grammy sounded OK, but her oldest grandson, Daniel, now 5, struggled to say it. One day Daniel heard his grandfather call his grandmother Ro, which the boy turned into RoRo.

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