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Posted on March 12, 2018 by Christine Crosby in GUN SHOOTINGS, pARKLAND, PRAYERS, School, thoughts

Look Out, Here Come the Thoughts And Prayers



My husband and I are gun owners and know what’s in the 2nd amendment… I want to get that out up front.We recently watched our granddaughter, Maddie, compete in the state color guard championship against the best high school bands in Florida. One of those was from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS.

At least one of the earnest, disciplined band members we saw that day died the most pointless of violent deaths this week. Someone’s child, someone’s grandchild, just like Maddie, was murdered along with 16 others.

What is a ‘school shooting’ really like? I urge you to watch this video.

What is death from a .223 bullet like? This coroner’s report on the Las Vegas victims makes it pretty real. The gel simulation of human flesh shows how it explodes as the bullet passes through.

It takes an orchestra of liars to keep government from taking action on gun violence. “We don’t have all the answers”… “It’s a mental health issue”.

Since no other country has this problem, does that mean only America has crazy people, or just that we have terrible mental health policies, too?

The lies come from those who benefit from them…those who, literally, sacrifice our young people on the altar of their greed and ambition.

The National Rifle Association abandoned gun safety as a goal years ago to become a lobbyist for extremism. They have effectively thwarted even the most basic of gun responsibility initiatives. Here’s who they support and who they target. I hope you will have this in your pocket when you vote on Tuesday, November 6.

I assume other grandparents love their grandbabies the same way we do. Let’s speak with one voice on this issue and say ‘no more’.

With my best to you and your family,

Christine Crosby (aka-Grandmere) Editorial Director (with my beautiful, smart, kind, loving and talented granddaughter, Maddie)

PS – let me know if you have thoughts or experiences on this subject, and if you’d like them shared with others.
If you get your information from Fox, you probably know that the gun was NOT to blame for the massacre in the South Florida school.Here are all the things that WERE to blame…
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That fear is nothing compared to what parents and grandparents must have felt…Read more
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