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My Grandson – The Author

My grandson—the author


During our weeklong family Thanksgiving trip to Florida, after a few days of nonstop ocean and pool fun, I asked my six-year-old grandson, Joah, if he might like to write a book. I had brought along some blank books like the ones my elementary school students used to love. I also had some colored pencils on hand.

Joah drawing in the sand

I showed Joah the books and he replied, “I have an idea, but I don’t know how to write it.” I happily answered, “No problem!” And, I explained that he could draw pictures and tell me the stories and I’d write the words for him.

His thrill at being an author delighted me.

grandsonFrom then on, whenever he wasn’t swimming, he wanted to work on his book about monsters. He drew elaborately detailed pictures and then narrated as I wrote the text. He included facts about each monster and described how his main characters defeated them.

His thrill at being an author delighted me. One morning he and I were walking the beach, hunting for treasures the ocean deposited overnight. As we passed two people, he proudly declared, “I’m an author.” They were kind enough to engage him and ask about his book. They told him they would love to buy a copy when it was published. Joah was absolutely beaming It was the dearest thing ever.

I felt grateful for the opportunity to plant the seed of creativity in my grandson, Joah.

grandsonWe finished seven monsters before our vacation ended, and I hoped Joah would want to continue. Two days later I Facetimed with Joah and Kyle (my son, Joah’s Dad), and Joah showed me six more monsters he had created. He chatted excitedly about how he had shared his work with family and his two best friends. I felt grateful for the opportunity to plant the seed of creativity in Joah.  It’s one thing grandparents can do. And, if we are lucky, we get to watch those seeds bloom!


GRANDSONSara Tisdel is a retired teacher. After almost 40 years teaching, she now enjoys her best gig yet… Gramma to grandson, Joah, age six and granddaughter, Radha, age 20 months.

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