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Posted on March 20, 2018 by Christine Crosby in baby names, grandparent names

Top 10 Modern Baby Names  

Top 10 Baby Names For Girls and Top 10 For Boys

While grandparents don’t usually get to name their grandbabies, they are certainly interested in hearing about what are the latest and greatest baby names.

To help parents make this important decision, the team at names.org put together an interactive graphic of the Top 10 Modern Baby Names for Boys and Girls.  The graphic looks at the most popular names over the last generation by year to help parents make a unique – yet informed – decision.

Top 10 Modern Boys Names:                                    

  1. Jayden

  2. Aiden

  3. Liam

  4. Ethan

  5. Mason

  6. Brayden

  7. Logan

  8. Landon

  9. Jaxon

  10. Gavin

Top 10 Modern Girls Names:                                     

  1. Isabella

  2. Madison

  3. Mia

  4. Ava

  5. Addison

  6. Avery

  7. Harper

  8. Zoey

  9. Brooklyn

  10. Nevaeh

Grandparents are really interested in what their grandparent name will be. GRAND has compiled a huge database of GRANDparent names,  Click below to check out some GRANDparent names.

Fun & Unique Grandparent Names  

Once again, the topic of grandparent names hits the news. This topic of grandparent nicknames is quite popular and New York Times writer, Paula Span really hits the nail on the head with her recent article – Grandude? G-dawg? Nonny? Boomers Name Themselves. Click for more

GRANDparent Names – A Matched Set

When you are informed that you’re going to be a grandparent, your first thoughts are all over the place, right? Will my daughter (daughter-in-law) be healthy and have a healthy baby?  Can the parents afford to have a baby? When and where will the baby be born? What can I do to help? Yikes! Aren’t I too young to be a grandparent! Who can I tell? etc., etc. However, the BIG question is, what will be my grandparent name? Click for more

Trendy Grandparent Names

As we look for our grandparent names, some of us go for the traditional ones, some of us want our grandparent names to reflect our ethnic heritage and some of us want to go with something new and trendy. Click for more

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