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Posted on April 20, 2018 by Christine Crosby in chicklets, chicks, girl trips, play, travel

Chicks and Chicklets Play Together

The “chicks” and “chiclets” who play together…


 A few years ago, Teenie and Randall Maddox started a family tradition in which Teenie, her two grown daughters and her daughter-in-law, went on a getaway they called their “Chick Trip.” This year they added the next generation of three granddaughters, and their grandson’s wife, all between the ages of 20-24. They call them the “Chiclets.”

Teenie bought special candles for each of the seven women, and Randall wrote each a personal note. When they were all together, Teenie read aloud another note from Randall that said, in part, “You are officially joining a small tribe of strong, intelligent, and loving women. You can look at the generations that come before you as role models, but understand that it is time that you become role models.

“You are models for all women and men of the world, and particularly family members, including me. The generations will pass, but I rest easy knowing that the future of the world and our family is in your hands. Lock the memories of this special time in your heart forever.”

Teenie reflects on the chick trip

 I believe in experiences and I want to gift memories. The three generations of our family live in different states, and at times we are in different countries. Although we all gather for an annual family vacation, we also know the importance of smaller groups and one-on-ones.  

The Chick Trip is just that: a small gathering where the women of our family come together to share what’s going on in everyone’s worlds. We laugh, cry, discuss challenges, and celebrate. It’s an intimate week and “what happens here, stays here” applies, although that is really more about the conversations than the actions.

There’s always a spa day, a shopping day (or two!), and dinners at the house with everyone pitching in. There are evenings with a glass of wine and toasts to something, to us, or to someone.

The Chiclets have wanted to join the trip for several years, but I felt they weren’t ready. And, honestly, I wasn’t ready to share my magical time with my daughters with anyone else.

playFeatured image:  Teenie (white suit) with her Chicks and Chiclets, enjoying celebratory Mojitos at the Sanctuary Spa, Kiawah Island – October 2017


But now the four oldest granddaughters are ready, and so am I. They’ve grown into lovely women kind, smart, and full of life as they explore adulthood and test their wings.

Our time together was special and allowed us to nourish, share, and continue to develop our commitment to one another and to our family.

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Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D., writes an advice column for parents and grandparents at Mommybites.com and is the author of Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, Volume II: Savvy Advice to Help Soothe Parent-Grandparent Conflicts.



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