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Every month, we receive dozens of books from publishers in hopes of a review in GRAND. Many are OK, some not so hot and some that are really special.  We donate all review copies to our local library, but today, we are going to offer a collection of the “Really Special” books to a lucky GRAND reader. SEE INSTRUCTIONS TO ENTER AT BOTTOM.


This is a gorgeous picture book!

Written by the Fan Brothers, Terry and Eric. Published by Simon and Schuster – Books for Young Readers Ages 4-8

A young boy adventures into a fantastical realm, where ocean meets sky and the spirit of his grandfather lives on.

Finn, who lives by the sea, remembers his grandpa: his voice, his sayings, his extraordinary stories. To honor him, Finn builds a boat on the beach, creating a wonderful fort out of flotsam and jetsam. The Fan Brothers’ approach to loss, healing, and intergenerational relationships makes this a unique and refreshing book provides a stunning, dreamlike voyage into the heart of a child. Buy or learn more


By Chiara Valentina Segré ; illustrated by Paolo Domeniconi   

Gibbs Smith  Young Readers  4 – 8

Based on the true story of a cat who lives in a care home in Rhode Island, this moving and beautiful picture book, told from Oscar’s viewpoint, confronts death in a practical as well as mystical way.

Oscar has many guardian duties. He visits each resident in the mornings and patrols the dining room in the evenings, and when one of the elderly ‘grandpas and grandmas’ is nearing his or her ‘right time’ he knows it and jumps up on the bed purring loudly. Cuddling up to the dying, he provides comfort in their final hours, and the staff in the nursing home know to call relatives to come as the end is near. Oscar knows the time is come because he, and only he, can see Mewt, and when Mewt appears, each time in a different persona, Oscar assumes his role. We meet several of the residents, and in the final part of the story are privileged to see Oscar with Mr Weakhead in his final hours. (Oscar names his people by their traits.) In this case, Mewt is a beautiful blond girl who comes for Mr Weakhead, a girl who looks like the photo on Mr Weakhead’s table, and they fly away together while Oscar stands guard. Beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated, full of light and soft texture and even humour at times, this book deserves a wide readership, and will provide comfort to children whose grandparents are close to flying off with their own particular Mewt – and not just to children! Adults will love it too; at least this one did!  BUY OR LEARN MORE

booksHIS ROYAL HIGHNESS KING BABY – A Terrible True Story

By Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by David Roberts – published by Candlewick Press

Young Readers – 4-8 yrs.

When an older sibling with a flair for the dramatic shares her kingdom with a baby tyrant, can there be a happily ever after?

Once upon a time there was a happy family: A mom, a dad, a gerbil, and the most beautifulest, cleverest, ever so kindest Princess. . . .On one horrible day, a new ruler is born into a young princess’s family — a ruler she dubs His Royal Highness, King Baby. This small interloper is so smelly. He is so noisy. And all the talk in the Land is about him (“Such a nice burp!” “Oh, what a lovely poo-poo!”), nonstop, ALL THE TIME! Has there ever been such an era of wicked rule? With whimsy and sympathy, Sally Lloyd-Jones tells a satisfying tale of usurped attention — and rapprochement — that every big brother or sister will relate to, while illustrator David Roberts captures all the hilarious details of a child’s active imagination.  BUY OR LEARN MORE


Co-authored by  Dain Heer, Katarina Wallentin, Nathalie Beauvois (Illustrator)

Inspired by the birth of a friend’s daughter, Heer came up with the idea to The Baby Unicorn Manifesto as a reminder of the unlimited potential we each carry into this world at birth. The story is Together, they hope to inspire generations of baby unicorns by questioning what we believe is possible.

Easy to read and exquisitely illustrated, The Baby Unicorn Manifesto is about the magic and possibilities on our beautiful planet, where we are only limited by our imagination. It is due to be released on March 1 and is set to become a must-read on any child’s bookshelf. BUY OR LEARN MORE

booksWHY AM I ME?

By Paige Britt  Illustrators: Selina Alko, Sean Qualls  

Scholastic Press  Young Reader 5-10

Presented as a thoughtful, poetic exchange between two characters — who don’t realize they are thinking and asking the very same questions — this beautiful celebration of our humanity and diversity.  If the first step toward healing the world is to build bridges of empathy and celebrate rather than discriminate, Why Am I Me? helps foster a much-needed sense of connection, compassion, and love.  BUY OR LEARN MORE




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