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Posted on July 18, 2018 by Christine Crosby in Android, Apple, charging station, udoq

Check Out The New Udoq Charging Station – You’ll Love It!

Check Out The New Udoq Charging Station

Are you sick of seeing devices being charged all over the house? If your home is like mine (used to be) it’s device chaos! Chargers are scattered all over the house. It’s udoqmessy, confusing and can even cause confrontation over who has who’s charger.

Finally, I now know exactly where my charger is along with my iPhone and iPad and my husband’s iPhone.  They are all sitting pretty in the cool new invention, udoq. This is a charging station like no other and I love it!

First of all, it’s sleek and sturdy just like my Apple devices. It’s constructed from sturdy aluminum. It looks good sitting anywhere – no messy piles of cords.

Udoq is a customizable docking station, that can be configured to hold and charge just about any phone or tablet or other mobile devices, from Apples to Androids and Kindles.

There are, of course, many types of docking stations out there, but some are specific to a phone model or brand, while others simply hold the phone and require manual insertion of the charging cable.

udoqSome hold multiple devices, but behind each other. The udoq is different in that all the mobile devices can be held in one dock of varying lengths, face forward, with the appropriate connector already in place beneath them.

Full operation

The patented udoq connector cables are inserted from the side, and positioned in the desired order. All Mobile devices can be docked side by side with one hand and simultaneously operated 100%.

Udoq is Timeless and compatible

udoq is available in various lengths and can be configured freely with udoq connector cables. The slidable and exchangeable udoq connector cables allow udoq to adapt to your constantly changing mobile devices.

Do someone you love (like yourself) a big favor and give them a udoq.


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Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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