A Quick Guide to Grandparent Names in Other Languages

Language Grandma Grandpa
French Grandmère Grandpère
Italian Nonna Nonno
German Oma Opa
Spanish Abuela Abuelo
Polish Babcia Dziadek
Greek Giagiá Pappoús
Portuguese Avó Vovô
Irish Mhamó Seanathair
Hungarian Nagymama Nagypapa
Swahili Bibi Babu
Danish Mormor Bedstefar
Japanese O baachan O jiichan
Russian Babushka Dedushka
Hawaiian Kuku wahine (or Tutu) Kuku kane (or Tutu)
Korean Halmeoni Hal-abeoji

 Baba & Gigi – The Ukrainian names for grandparents

 Yaya & Pappoús – Greek for grandparents 

Nana & Papa

Mawmaw & Pawpaw -Popular in the south and are Cajun in origin

Savta & Saba – Hebrew for grandma and grandpa

Geema & Geepa

Bomma & Bonpa – Flemish words that originate from French and Dutch, meaning “good dad” and “good mom.”

Nonna & Nonno – Italian words for grandma and grandpa  The term for both grandparents is  “nonni.”

Mormor & Morfar (or Farmor & Farfar) – Swedish for grandparents are practical, distinguishing between sides of the family. “Mormor” literally translates to “mother’s mother,” while “morfar” is “mother’s father”

Oma & Opa – German origin

Amma & Afi – What the children in Iceland call their grandparents

Lola & Lolo – In the Philippines commonly name for the grandparents

Meme & Pepaw – Very popular in the southern United States

Ouma & Oupa – An Afrikaans terms for grandparents 

Gramms & Gram

Nai Nai & Ye Ye (or Lao Ye & Lao Lao) – In the Asian culture these names are practical. They distinguishing between sides of the family. Nai nai and ye ye are used for paternal grandparents, while lao ye and lao lao are used for maternal grandparents.

Banma & Banpa – No specific origin 

Busia & Dziadzia – Polish for grandparents “dziadzia” is pronounced “jahjah

Mémé & Pépé – French – Shortened versions for Grandmere and Grandpere

Lolly & Pop

Memere & Pepere

Grammie & Grampy

Mimi & Grumpa

Ma & Gompa

Dumpy & Dodo

Lovey & Sweetie

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