10 Ways Being a Grandparent Will Change YOU


10 Ways Being a Grandparent Will Change YOU


Some of these changes will happen instantly. For example, the first time you see your new grandbaby, your heart will melt and stay melted for many, many years. Other changes will happen gradually over the days, weeks, and years you are spending time together.

Being a grandparent…


1.  grandparentGives you a new name

Will you be NaNa, Nanny, Granny, GaGa, Mimi or Mamie? PaPa, PopPop, Boopa, Granddad or Gramps? The possibilities are endless. Sometimes you’ll get to choose your own GRAND name and sometimes that will change when your grandbaby is old enough to talk.

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2. grandparentIt will marshall your energy 

If you’ve become a little set in your ways, having a grandbaby will un-set you. Babies have their own rhythms. You won’t be able to control when your grandbaby sleeps, cries, is ready to eat, wants attention or has other needs – but you’ll find ways to keep up.


grandparent3.  Brings out your playful side

Nothing is more fun than making a young baby laugh. And all it takes is funny faces, silly sounds, and completely letting your serious side take a backseat.

grandparent4.  Brings out your protective side

Mother tiger? Papa bear? They have nothing on grandparents when it comes to making sure that a young child is safe from harm.

5. grandparentsMakes you feel invested in the future

Grandparents have told us that having a grandbaby in their life gives them “skin in the game” when it comes to what’s happening in the world. Some grandparents just worry about it; others find themselves getting involved in efforts to protect the environment, preserve the American dream, or create a kinder, more compassionate society.

6. grandparentIntroduces new forms of excercise

How long has it been since you rocked, rolled, crawled, or hopped? Your grandbaby may have you down on the floor, crawling after a toy, racing down a sidewalk, swinging at the playground. If you’re physically able – enjoy it. It’s a great incentive to get in shape.

7. grandparentChanges your shoes

Put away the high heels, flimsy flip flops, and perfectly shined wingtips. What you need for your times as a grandparent are comfortable, sensible shoes.

8. grandparentGives you something in common with strangers

Being a grandparent is like being a member of a big, happy club. Your grandbaby is your ticket to sharing photos and experiences with anyone in the same boat.

9. grandparentGives you a huge new dose of empathy

You will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to a small child in tears.

It may be a while since you found yourself in a food store with your own young child having a tantrum – but now when it’s happening to someone else, you may be a lot more tolerant.

10. grandparentHelps you rediscover the joy of small things.

Young children are Zen masters. They are always present in the moment. You’ll find yourself taking time, with your grandbaby  by your side, to appreciate bugs, birds, leaves, clouds, and sounds. Take advantage of the occasion. Your grandbaby won’t be young forever.


A Quick Guide to Grandparent Names in Other Languages

JapaneseO baachanO jiichan
HawaiianKuku wahine (or Tutu)Kuku kane (or Tutu)

 Baba & Gigi – The Ukrainian names for grandparents

 Yaya & Pappoús – Greek for grandparents 

Nana & Papa

Mawmaw & Pawpaw -Popular in the south and are Cajun in origin

Savta & Saba – Hebrew for grandma and grandpa

Geema & Geepa

Bomma & Bonpa – Flemish words that originate from French and Dutch, meaning “good dad” and “good mom.”

Nonna & Nonno – Italian words for grandma and grandpa  The term for both grandparents is  “nonni.”

Mormor & Morfar (or Farmor & Farfar) – Swedish for grandparents are practical, distinguishing between sides of the family. “Mormor” literally translates to “mother’s mother,” while “morfar” is “mother’s father”

Oma & Opa – German origin

Amma & Afi – What the children in Iceland call their grandparents

Lola & Lolo – In the Philippines commonly name for the grandparents

Meme & Pepaw – Very popular in the southern United States

Ouma & Oupa – An Afrikaans terms for grandparents 

Gramms & Gram

Nai Nai & Ye Ye (or Lao Ye & Lao Lao) – In the Asian culture these names are practical. They distinguishing between sides of the family. Nai nai and ye ye are used for paternal grandparents, while lao ye and lao lao are used for maternal grandparents.

Banma & Banpa – No specific origin 

Busia & Dziadzia – Polish for grandparents “dziadzia” is pronounced “jahjah

Mémé & Pépé – French – Shortened versions for Grandmere and Grandpere

Lolly & Pop

Memere & Pepere

Grammie & Grampy

Mimi & Grumpa

Ma & Gompa

Dumpy & Dodo

Lovey & Sweetie

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