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Posted on August 9, 2018 by Christine Crosby in Age, aging, Grand Newsletter, grandparents

Advice for Aging

In response to our recent GRAND newsletter, we received the following sage advice from readers:

Advice for Aging


Of course, everyone has heard, consider the alternative, however it is true.

This is the age where you allow yourself to say “No”.

No to babysitting.

No to going to dinner with people you would rather not go with.

No to visiting your niece whose house is too cold and cooks terribly.

No to having to go to bed early.

No to going to bed too late.

No to anything that just doesn’t please you at the time.

It can be a pleasant, nice No.

This is also the age where you can allow yourself to say “Yes”.

Yes to more ice cream.

Yes to gaining a little more weight.

Yes to wearing what is comfortable.

Yes to laughing out loud.

Yes to learning something new (no matter what it is)

Yes to letting yourself smile at that gentleman and say hello, even though you don’t know him.

Yes to telling that woman (that you do not know) that her scarf looks beautiful on her.

Yes to be being proud of who you are, remembering where you came from and enjoying

wherever you want to go.

Take yourself a little less serious, and be a little more open to new ideas, new people, new wonderful books.

If you are feeling old, then you should also be feeling lucky that you have made it this far.

Don’t waste the ride!


AGINGNan Kirkpatrick, has been married 43 years. Lives in New Rochelle, works in Manhattan. Mother of 3, Nana to 6 grands between ages 3-11. Loves to write, refinish furniture and laughing with her family


When I talk to someone who is complaining about getting older I remind them that getting older is a privilege not everyone gets. My mom died at 60 and did not get to watch her grandkids grow up. Her grandkids did not get to know her. Do your best to keep your body and mind healthy and embrace the privilege!    Bonnie Billings


Wisdom captured from experience and patience acquired over time will eclipse your diminishing physicality.  Michael Hardesty – Author of The Grace of the Ginkgo Tree



I believe in tried and true folk wisdom, like ‘the way to live a long life is to keep having birthdays.’ I just had my 73rd and hope for lots more. I don’t feel 73. whatever that feels like. I just feel like me. However, I now catch myself reminding people that OLD is not a four letter word and quit getting apoplectic just because you get the AARP member invite.

What advice do you have for those fretting about their age? Share here

After a certain point, I think we are beyond worrying or pretending about it. I was delighted when my 18 year-old granddaughter called to wish me Happy Birthday, but revealed that she had no idea how old I was. To her, I’m ageless. Perfect! It is my goal to live an ageless life.

Of course, it isn’t age we really fear anyway.  It’s the negative associations we’ve been conditioned to believe about aging, and this Ted Talk by Ashton Applewhite kicks them to the curb. If you’re contemplating getting old, (and why not?…it’s so much better than the alternative) and especially if you fear aging, check out this article for an attitude adjustment.


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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