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Posted on August 22, 2018 by Christine Crosby in 

Steps To Healthy Living For Caring Grandparents

Steps to Healthy Living for Caring Grandparents

Living a long, healthy life is every grandparent’s dream; they want to be able to take care of their grandchildren. However, this cannot be accomplished without adopting lifestyle habits that have been shown to favor longevity. There is more to healthy living than exercising and consuming wholesome diets when looking to add more years to one’s life expectancy. It entails eating right, reducing stress, setting goals, staying active and visiting a physician at least once annually. Some of the habits of caring grandparents who are looking to conform to healthy living include:

Having a Positive and Focused Mindset

When it comes to healthy living, it all begins in mind. Caring grandparents start their journey by understanding and embracing the importance of good health. Depending on their age and lifestyle, some grandparents may still have projects and plans on which they are working. If they want to attain these goals, they will have to stay healthy to maintain their strength and ability to work.

Also, having to deal with hospital bills now and then is not a pleasant thing, thus staying healthy is not an option if they want to eliminate such hassles.  For grandparents to be able to handle their grandchildren and play with them, they need to be lively and healthy enough to engage in all kind of activities. The minute grandparents focus on why they need to stay fit and have a positive mindset towards healthy living; then they have definitely nailed step one.

Changing Eating Habits

GRANDPARENTSThis is where many grandparents go wrong. Migrating from the fries and burgers to vegetables and healthy juices is quite challenging. Honestly, unhealthy food is arguably the tastiest and most tempting delicacy in existence. The first step to healthy eating is clearing up the kitchen of the junk food and stocking the refrigerator with wholesome meals. Grandparents should focus more on eating steamed food and if possible, avoid deep fried meals. Things like white bread can be replaced with wholemeal bread. They also need to adopt eating egg whites as opposed to the yolks in addition to consuming ample lettuce and greens.

For grandparents, healthy eating essentially involves steaming food, eating vegetables while raw, or slow cooking meals, which allows maximum retention of nutrients in the food.  When food is prepared in high heat, nutrients are destroyed, and other harmful compounds are formed, which increase the chances of getting cancer. Grandparents should essentially focus on eating balanced diets, taking eight glasses of water every day and a lot of fruits to stay healthy.

Taking Medication as prescribed

If a grandparent is feeling unwell and under medication, the best way to get better is to take medication and in adherence to the doctor’s prescription. People should keep in mind that taking medicine earlier or later than the prescribed time is highly ill-advised. They should also avoid skipping or stopping medication before completing their prescribed dosage simply because they are feeling better.

Addressing All Health Conditions

The elderly are often susceptible to diseases because their immune system is not that strong, which is why they should get medical assistance with haste. If a grandparent experiences some form of pain whether mild or severe, they are better off visiting a doctor for accurate diagnosis. Most diseases start with mild pain or discomfort, and the majority of these can be cured or controlled with early detection. For healthier living, grandparents should get regular checkups and screening rather than waiting for pain or discomfort to manifest before visiting a doctor. With regular checkups, the doctor has a better chance of noticing irregular body changes that might point to diseases and advice the patient accordingly.

Maintaining a Serene Environment

Grandparents should stay away from stressful situations. This includes avoiding the company of people who do nothing but give them pressure. If a situation is inclining towards being stressful, they should seek professional advice or have a friend or family member sort it swiftly. Avoiding hostile environments is especially important for grandparents with high blood pressure or ulcers; they should instead seek serenity setting. For instance, they could start by staying around people who make them happy, doing what they love and being in their favorite places. This will serve to offload them a lot of stress and pressure, which might otherwise become fatal.

When grandparents follow the steps mentioned above, staying healthy becomes one of the easiest tasks they can achieve. However, without the right mindset or acknowledging the need to be healthy, healthy living could be the toughest goals to accomplish. When grandparents are healthy, everyone in the family is happier. Caring grandparents should consider their health as a priority to getting a happy family, and more importantly, joyful grandchildren.

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