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Do Something GRAND for GRANDparents Day

GRAND Media is proud to join Generations United and the national partners to bring attention to grandparents all over the world and the amazing contribution that they make to our society.

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GRANDPARENTSFriday, September 7

This Grandparents Day, we remember #GrandparentsNotTerrorists, which was a direct response to the travel ban not recognizing grandparents as “bona fide’ relatives. Here’s an article from that online campaign: “My Grandfather, My ‘Bona Fide’ Best Friend

Older immigrants and refugees are one kind of community treasure. Learn about promising practices that support intergenerational engagement of immigrant elders in meaningful roles.

Our friend 90-year-old friend, Tom Taylor, shares the importance of vaccines for all ages. Watch the video.

ONEgeneration in Van Nuys, CA is an intergenerational shared site where preschoolers learn Mandarin and Spanish, the teachers speak 12 languages; the adults enrolled in the day program hail from 24 countries. Learn more.

grandmotherSaturday, September 8

Interview a grandparent or grandfriend and enter Legacy Project’s Listen to a Life Essay Contest. Learn more

In part 2 of the grandparents are not terrorists series, we remember this article

about people opposing the travel ban by posting photos of grandparents to prove they’re not terrorists. Learn more.

It’s not rocket science. Get a shot and protect your family for Grandparents Day! Wear the #BandAGEofhonor. Learn more

This Grandparents Day, bring children and older relatives together to document

family history and ties through a family tree. Learn more.

grandparentsSunday, September 9 – GRANDPARENTS DAY

Happy Grandparents Day! Our strategic advisor, Juan Williams, wrote a powerful piece on how immigrant families sacrifice to become a part of the great American story. Read Juan’s piece.

Encourage your friends and family to visit or contact their grandparents and grandfriends.

Patient Listening examines communication breakdowns that occur as immigrant elders interact with healthcare professionals. The report concludes with recommendations for those who work with the elderly immigrant population. Learn more.

In Charlotte, NC, folks young and old were disgusted by the separation of families at the border. So they volunteered to help refugee kids at home. The program operates out of senior living facility. Learn more.

Continue to Do Something Grand with our friends at Bridges Together! Check out their How-To Guide on celebrating grandparents (and grandfriends) day in schools and other places. They’are also co-hosting the 2018 Intergenerational Symposium on Sept. 28 at Lasell College in Newton, MA. Learn more.

All Year Round

Do Something Grand throughout the year.  Check out the Generations United website for helpful information and resources.

Celebrate Grandparents Day all year long. Check out our Take Action Guide for ideas.

Start planning for next year’s Grandparents Day

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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