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Great Gifts for Your GRANDkids!

Great Gifts for Your Grandkids!

GRAND MAGAZINE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GRANDKIDS MATTER is pleased to introduce simple, unique and inexpensive gifts where grands can express the joy and encouragement we hold as grandparents.  These special gifts, coupled with your blessing, connect Grandparents and Grandchildren….near or far, today and always!



Karen W. said: Delightful

This necklace reminds my granddaughter of my love for her and how much happiness her sparkling personality brings to those around her.







grandkid gifts

Pamela W. sai


gifts for grandkidsJohn B. said: Grandson you are…

What a fantastic gift for my grandsons! A reminder to wear around their necks of how special they are, that the only thing standing in their way is themselves. My daughter was thrilled too.








gifts for grandkidsDeborah F. said: My Beautiful 1st Granddaughter

I loved the double heart pendant and the pretty chain, it’s perfect for a little girl. I enjoyed how easy it was to shop with your company and receive in a timely manner. Most of all I loved my granddaughter’s reaction when I gave it to her. She is 8 years old and a very sentimental little lady so when I gave her the necklace she started crying. We were both crying and laughing. She loves her necklace and reads it to everyone.




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