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ovarian Cancer

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Christine Crosby in Alyne, Incontinence, Ovarian Cancer, underware

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: 7 Signals Not To Ignore

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: 7 signals not to ignore

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Ovarian cancer is a disease also known as a “silent killer” for the imperceptible way in which it develops in the body. It is the second most commonly diagnosed gynecological cancer in the world and is also quite dangerous because it is difficult to detect. Only in 20% of cases is it diagnosed at an early stage, when it is still limited to the ovaries. This is because its symptoms are not specific and can easily be mistaken for digestive disorders or abdominal pain of other nature. The cause of this tumor is not always known.

Ovarian cancer represents 4% of cancers that can affect women, but the mortality rate is higher due to an often late diagnosis. Therefore, women must inform themselves and know the possible signs that may reveal the disease. Age is not a risk factor for this disease, in fact it has been proven that it can be developed at any stage of life. Despite this, women who are 50 or older must pay particular attention because the incidence of this disease is greater after menopause.

Beware of the Following 7 Signals Not to be Ignored:

  1. Pain in the pelvic or abdominal region: this type of pain is very different from that caused by digestive disorders, it is more like menstrual spasms and is usually recurrent. If pain persists for more than two weeks and does not seem to have a specific origin, the best thing to do is consult a specialist right away.
  2. Indigestion: Indigestion problems are quite common when you do not eat a proper diet and the body is overloaded with heavy meals to digest. While frequent bouts of indigestion may not trigger worries of ovarian cancer, please do keep it in mind as a potential sign. Many patients who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer have more frequent gas, nausea, and other gastrointestinal problems.
  3. Loss of appetite: Losing your appetite at certain moments of life is normal. However, if it becomes a habit, and you find yourself not wanting to eat for days, then it may be a  symptom that suggests a problem. Ovarian cancer eliminates appetite, triggering dangerous changes in cellular and lipid metabolism.
  4. Bloating: Inflammation of the abdomen may be the result of bad digestion, food intolerance or some digestion problem. However, if none of these seems to be the cause of inflammation and the problem persists, consider consulting a specialist.
  5. Pelvic or Abdominal Pain: Feeling a painful and persistent pain at the lumbar region could be a symptom of an ovarian cancer. This pain may have several explanations, which is why it is very important to consult a physician for a correct diagnosis.
  6. The Sensation of Feeling Full: Feeling satiated after having eaten a small amount of food is good to keep weight under control and avoid excesses, but when your body is not used eating very little, it’s difficult to feel “full.” A person who is usually a hearty eater, who suddenly begins to feel satisfied after a few mouthfuls, must be careful because it could be a symptom of cancer.
  7. Frequent Urination and Urinary Incontinence: Many urinary tract problems are caused by viruses and bacteria that generate infections. However, the frequent need to urinate and the annoying urge to go to the bathroom may be an indication of the presence of malignant cells. This symptom may also include episodes of incontinence and pain or burning during urination.

In a study performed by the Mayo Clinic, the most common symptom found in the documentation of 107 ovarian cancer patients studied was crampy abdominal pain. Abdominal pain, frequency of urination and urinary incontinence were symptoms commonly documented in women who had phases I and II, the initial stages of ovarian cancer. While urinary incontinence does not always indicate ovarian cancer, please consult a medical professional when in doubt.

Choosing a Proper Incontinence Product

Bladder leakage has the following characteristics:

  • Density similar to that of water, with rapid filtering capacity;
  • Ph alkaline that causes bad odor production when in contact between urine and air;
  • Acidity that causes skin irritation when in contact with urine.

It is essential to use products specifically designed for this kind of leakage, based on super absorbent and breathable polymers that ensure rapid absorption and retain the liquid away from the skin to reduce the impact of wetness and the stagnation of bacteria.

An innovative, very discreet, incredibly thin and absorbent pull on underwear called Alyne was recently introduced in the U.S.A.

Alyne’s Diamond-Quilt™ patented design is the breakthrough that helps meet every woman’s (and man’s) desire to wear a product that is the closest thing to regular underwear you can buy.  The result is that Alyne delivers on its promise to give you – a more dignified way to wear protective underwear.

Alyne’s revolutionary design completely eliminates thick wood fluff pulp.  Instead, it makes use of a 4-stage absorbency system which is 50% thinner. It fits and feels more like regular underwear making them more dignified to wear.

Alyne also has double the number of elastic comfort-fit threads as ordinary brands – 108 to be exact… and they’re colored as your sign of authenticity.  Alyne offers users continuous odor control — not just a masking fragrance.  Lastly, special inner leg leak barriers provide extra protection from leaking.  All these layers of protection add up to being significantly less bulky.  Alyne provides users with a more dignified wearing experience. Something users find very compelling.

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Alyne believes that every woman (and man) has the right to live with incontinence in the most dignified manner possible.

Alyne Addresses EPA’s #1 Environmental Goal

Alyne addresses the Environmental Protection Agencies #1 mandate of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, by using fewer raw materials to deliver the same or better performance than today’s’ thick, fluff based products.  Alyne’s absorbent core is 50% thinner.  This reduction means space-savings in trucks and warehouses and on store shelves. This makes Alyne the sustainability champion in the incontinence category.

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