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Toys, Gadgets and Video Reviews For The Holidays

Cool Toys For The Holidays


The holidays are here! What would the holidays be without robots, blasters, plush pets and games? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

 A bot for a buddy?

TOYSToy robots, while technically sophisticated, can often be complex, difficult to program and intimidating for younger kids. This is not the case with Boxer Bot from Spin Master. Boxer is a bot filled with personality, that grandkids from 6 and up will love. No assembly required, right out of the box, Boxer plays games, zips around,

Nerf Laser OPS Pro Blasters







Tired of having those Nerf darts all over the house? Get the grandkids the new Nerf Laser OPS Pro Blasters and say goodbye to darts! The Nerf Laser OPS Pro system brings the fun of laser tag to the world of Nerf. The Laser OPS Pro blasters have lights and sounds to indicate when you have been hit, have an impressive 225 foot range and can work with or without a smartphone app.

Nerf Laser OPS Pro Blasters | Staring at $29

Full review & demo of the Nerf Laser OPS Pro Blasters




Pomsies, The Pet You Can Wear

COOL TOYSWithout fail, every year there is a new interactive plush pet that the grandkids fall in love with. For 2018, there is an excellent chance that pet is Pomsies from Skyrocket. These incredibly cute pets can be worn by the grandkids, so in addition to being fun, they are a fashion statement as well. Pet them, shake them, dance with them and watch their eyes light up and listen to their happy song. With 8 different Pomsies in the line, the hardest part is picking which one to adopt.

Pomsies By Skyrocket Toys   | $14.99

Full review & demo of Pomsies


When The Lights Go Out, The Family Fun Begins

Looking to add a fun twist to family game night? Turn out the lights! Shadows in the Forest by ThinkFun is the first board game you play in the dark. One player controls the lantern, the other players are the Shadowlings. The lantern is trying to freeze the Shadowlings with light, while the Shadowlings are trying to all meet under one tree. It’s like flashlight tag…but on a tabletop. It’s fun, and you save money on your electric bill!

Shadows in the Forest by ThinkFun | $24.99



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