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Posted on January 27, 2019 by Christine Crosby in grandchild, grandmother, grandson, red hair

Look Out World Here Comes My Grandson

Look Out World Here Comes My Grandson


Grandchildren are a blessing; from the minute they arrive into our world we can’t imagine life without them.

Adorable, challenging, and sometimes naughty, it doesn’t matter; we love them, spoil them and delight in everything they do and say. We can’t get enough of their hugs, kisses, wide-eyed curiosity, millions of questions and playfulness. They fill us with joy and happiness, and create a repertoire of stories for us to share with other grandparents; ones that we can all relate to on so many different levels.

I’d like to introduce you to my grandson; see what his world was like in the past at age 7, what his world is like in the present at 17, then once again what his world will hopefully be like in the future.


grandsonFlaming, curly, red hair, tons of freckles and several missing front teeth describe my curious, free spirited, energetic grandson who delights in being himself.

He climbs trees, digs for worms, and plays with his dog.

He’s a drummer in training who loves to sing, dance and listen to the latest tunes.

His creative ability spans artwork, games, imaginary play, being on his tablet, and finding shapes in clouds.

He runs on the track team, takes long bike rides and jumps to the moon on the trampoline.

He’s a chef in the making with a menu of cereal and milk, tuna on crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and always the sous-chef.

He splishes ‘n splashes and swims with zest.

His fishing pole dangles in the Harpeth River with hopes of catching supper.

He knows his ABCs, loves being read to, and reading by himself from his favorite stories in the books that overflow his bookcase shelves.

He knows God in the purest form and loves his parents beyond measure.


The flaming red hair is styled. His ton ‘o freckles are still his trademark. His braces are gone; when his straight, white teeth break into a smile his whole being lights up and his happy face and instinctively makes you smile back. He still delights in being himself and never pretends he’s not who he believes himself to be.

grandsonSchool continues to feed his curiosity, develop his problem solving traits, be enthusiastic about participating in life, able to face challenges with maturity beyond his years, encourage his free spirit and allow him to explore and discover, and utilize his knowledge productively.

Today, days are filled with ACT and SAT tests, college catalogs, and family deliberations about which college best suits him; decisions, decisions, decisions.

He’s learned to make friends – lifetime friends whom he’s always in contact with phone and social media apps.

The tree-house may be gone, climbing trees are in the past, but he still digs for worms for fishing in hopes of catching and now cleaning the fish for supper.

The loss of his first dog, Brick, was heartbreak; now, Jet, a German Sheppard fills his days of throw & fetch, running the acreage that surrounds the house he lives in with his parents.

His drummer-in-training-days continues but has grown into a possible career path; still loves his music, though more refined and rockin’.

His creativity is endless; his desk is stacked with art supplies and electronic gadgets & devices, an Apple (the computer not the eating kind), an iPad and iPhone that allow him access to the Internet where he can explore, learn, socialize, and purchase most anything (within limit).

A chef in the making has been replace by eating instead of preparing (except for his sautéed scallops but that’s another story). His appetite is endless and has the ability to consume tons ‘o food at any given time; thanks to his mother’s cooking, he’s healthy and fit which is all that counts.

The trampoline has found a new home but occasionally enjoys a along bike ride when he’s not driving the family car (the ultimate mode of teen transportation).

He still jumps and dives into a pool to cool off, swims laps, and of course is prone to splish & splash with zest; he also goes to the gym with his buddies to muscle-up and get in shape.

The bookcase is still overflowing with favorite books and magazines that include topics like cars, drummers, music, NASCAR, range shooting and more.

He still knows and follows God in the purest form and loves his parents beyond measure.


As time passes, my vision of his future will never change. I believe he will have the ability to remain true to him self, remember his roots, live life to the fullest and be able to follow these Nana’s ABCs:

Appreciate heritage. Believe in God. Challenge himself. Develop creativity. Explore the world. Fulfill an inquisitive nature. Go for the gold. Hold tight to his values. Invest in others. Jingle, jangle and jam with musicians. Keep promises. Learn how to take action. Make a difference. Negotiate detours of life. Open a book and read. Prepare with passion. Question-question-question. Respect and be respected by those in his life. Strive to meet goals. Take charge of his destiny. Understand with empathy, sympathy and compassion. Venerate life with love and laughter. Wish upon the stars. X-out all negativity. Yip, yap, yodel, yell at celebrations. Zoom in on honesty, generosity, kindness, and leadership.

I pray every night for God to bless him, watch over him, keep him safe, and guide him along life’s path. I wish him well in all his endeavors as he grows into being his own man with a family of his own, to make good choices, be happy and live life to its fullest.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I believe he’s off to a great start; and as a proud Nana, I’m putting you on alert, “Look out world, here comes my grandson!”


I’m a published freelance writer, mother of 5, and former teacher. My work includes educational books/materials, articles/stories for adults/children that have appeared in general interest and parenting mags, and anthologies. I’m also a consultant for blue13creative, Denver.


Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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