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My Little Gifts

My Little Gifts – A Book of Sharing

Author: Jo Witek

Illustrator: Christine Roussey

Age range: 2-4

Reviewer: Jeanette Perkins aka Beeba

The holiday season is over and many gifts were given and received. Grands may have ripped open packages containing toys, books or electronics. But My Little Gifts reminds us there are other gifts we can give to others. Teach a friend how to play hopscotch, bake a cake for Mom and Dad, or give a soft kiss to someone you loves. The possibilities are endless.

The crayon illustrations are simple and colorful. And it contains several fold-out features that reinforce the message. The pages and cover are very sturdy to last through many readings with your young grand.

“It does not matter if a gift is big or small, fancy or plain, only that it comes from the heart.”

My Little Gifts celebrates the gift of giving. The Growing Hearts series celebrates the milestones of a toddler’s emotional development, from conquering fears and expressing feelings to welcoming a new sibling.


Jo WitekAbout the author:

Jo Witek is the author of Hello in There!, In My Heart and several other books in the Growing Hearts series. She is an author, journalist, and screenwriter. She lives in France.


Christine RousseyAbout the illustrator:

Christine Roussey is the illustrator of Hello in There!, In My Heart and several other books in the Growing Hearts series. She works in advertising, as well as with newspapers, magazines, and publishers. She lives in France.


Jeanette Perkins and grandsonsAbout the reviewer:

Jeanette Perkins is the grandmother of two adorable grandsons. She lives in beautiful St Pete Beach, FL. Jeanette is a product reviewer for GRAND and is looking forward to reviewing lots of new and useful products for all us grandparents.

If you have a product for boomer grandparents and or their grandkids, tell us all about it in an email to

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