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Cool Gadgets For Grandparents

Gadgets For Grandparents

It turns out that you might have been looking in the wrong department! There are many great new gadgets and technological innovations that are both fun and practical. Take a look at these innovative gadgets and see if they’d make the perfect gift for Grandparents Day, or any other special occasion.

Lenovo Smart Display

grandparentsThe Lenovo Smart Display is an all-in-one device that does just about anything you could ask for. It is fully voice activated, using the Google Assistant as a built-in bonus, so there is no need to have any keyboard or mouse attachment. It can surf the web, play videos, play music, and just about anything else you would expect a good tablet to do.

Best of all, however, is the focus on video calling. The Lenovo Smart display is geared towards making quick, high-quality video calls, which is perfect for giving the grandparents regular face time. There is also a built-in privacy shutter, which keeps the camera blocked when it is not in use.

Owl Car Cam

Staying safe with the Owl Car camThe Owl Car Cam is another excellent, innovative technological invention that makes a perfect gift. The camera sits on the dashboard of a car and allows for direct communication with the driver at all times. We’re not suggesting that it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your grandparents when they are driving, but what we are saying is that you can call them when they are driving, maybe just to have a quick hello and ensure that everything is okay.

The Owl Car Cam can be turned on even if it isn’t directly answered, and also offers a view not only of what’s going on inside the car, but what’s going on outside it as well. So come to think of it, everyone could make use of a camera like this, just in case you need an extra pair of eyes on an unfortunate incident.

Groove X’s Lovot Robot

Friendly Lovot RobotsThe Lovot Robot is an odd one that made its debut at the 2019 CES, but we can think of a few grandparents that will absolutely love it – forgive the pun! The Lovot robot is a mix between technology and a pet, and makes a perfect gift for someone who needs a bit of company during the day. The little robot reacts to being spoken to, and will even respond to being petted and cuddled.

Best of all, the robot doesn’t shed any hair and doesn’t need regular feeding. It does need be recharged however, but that is done quickly and easily. If your grandparents are looking to keep up with technology and have a new little face around the house, you need not look further than this.

Pix-Star FotoConnect XD Digital Picture Frame

grandparentsIt’s a picture frame, for sure, but also happens to be a mini-tablet with email capability. This neat little gadget displays high-quality photos as if it were a traditional photo frame. But yes, it can also switch between the images automatically, on a cycle, and send and receive photos via the Internet. You can think of it as a digital photo album, and it will make sharing happy memories even easier and quicker than ever before.

The ultra-quality screen ensures that every image displays in crystal clarity, and a built-in sensor even switches the frame on automatically when someone walks within range. A fantastic gift that anyone of any age would be thrilled to receive.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch 4For those looking to splurge a little, you’ve just found the perfect choice; an Apple Watch. This being the fourth in the series, you know it is the peak of wearable technology. It has a bigger screen, with higher quality display. Plus all the expected new software is also present, making the watch easier to use than ever before. But what makes this gift the best choice is that it is also potentially a lifesaver. Yes, it has the expected heart rate monitor, which is perfect for those who are staying in shape, but now there are a few added features. There is a fall detector with an alarm system, meaning that if the wearer takes a spill, you will be automatically notified.

What’s more than that, there is an amazing integrated EKG system, the importance of which need not be emphasised. The Apple Watch Series 4 is the ultimate solution for those who want to keep track of their heart without regular, costly trips to the doctor. You can’t go wrong with this gift, even if it is a bit more costly than some of the other items listed.


Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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