Posted on June 13, 2019 by Christine Crosby in Ekster, Father's Day, leather, Parliament, wallet

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Honey, Did You See My Wallet?


When my wife gave me a new wallet in advance for Father’s Day, I wasn’t that excited until I saw what it was -The Ekster Parliament. Unfortunately, I’m one of those guys (gals do it too, I hear) that is constantly misplacing things, so I guess my wife was looking for a solution for me and to save her the headache of always trying to find my lost objects.

walletThe Ekster Parliament is a stylish solution to the shortcomings of the standard wallet.  Lost it?  Got that covered. Afraid your credit card info will be swiped by thieves? They have a solution for that, too.

Slide up to five cards into the slot and they are protected from RFID hackers by an aluminum liner. Press the trigger to display the cards for easy selection. A strap holds your cash (if you still carry cash).

Loss prevention is handled by a Crowd-GPS/Bluetooth solution, activated by a card that fits in the wallet (or anything else you don’t want to lose track of).

Naturally, you download an app to your smartphone to complete the package.

Overall, the Parliament is a handy and attractive leather wallet providing unparalleled security in a fairly thin package…. under a one-half inch in thickness.  Even thinner is the Senate model, which forgoes the bifold flap and extra card slots.

walletI REALLY love it but don’t tell my wife. I’m trying to be super cool about it, plus her birthday is coming up soon and now I know just what to get her. They have all kinds of styles and leathers for her to select from. 













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