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Posted on July 9, 2019 by Christine Crosby in baby, Lullabuddy, sleep, toddler, white noise

A Secret To Your Baby’s Sleep – Lullabuddy



As a parent of two young ones, I would have loved to own Lullabuddy to calm my baby and toddler.  Now, as a Granny and gift-giver, this 21st-century music box with two hours of Mae Robertson’s beautifully sung, calming music, is on the top of my list.

Lullabuddy is beautifully designed, easily fits in the palm of a hand or a small purse for travel.  It’s super easy to operate – even in the dark and has a turn-off timer.

Rather than white noise or pre-arranged sounds, Mae’s songs are wonderfully soothing with high quality. The device is blue-tooth enabled as well to insert different music.  No wonder that Lullabuddy is the winner of a National Parenting Product Award, Tillywig Award, and Family Choice Award.  Available at https://lullabuddy.com and on Amazon.com at $60 retail.

LullabuddyAccording to Mae Robertson, singer, recording artist, “The parents use white noise machines at bedtime to mask the noises of the house. But white noise doesn’t do anything to soothe, calm, or help the baby fall asleep. Why not mask the sounds of the house with soothing music which has actually been proven to calm babies instead of bombarding those precious ears with noise?

“Over the years. I’ve recorded 10 albums, five of which were lullaby and love song collections. When my grandson Johnny was born, I wanted him to be able to listen to me singing lullabies even when I wasn’t there. So, I bought a speaker and an mp3 player. I filled it with my lullabies and hooked it up in his room. It worked, but it was cumbersome. 

Mae Robertson,

“Two years later, just after my granddaughter, Frankie was born, she ended up spending three weeks in the hospital. We set up the mp3 player and speaker near Frankie’s hospital bed and played it all the time.

“It muffled the sounds of the hospital, and the music made everyone calmer – Frankie, her parents, her grandparents, and even her professional caregivers. The nurses said they wished they had speakers and music for all the children in their care.

“I began to wonder why we use white noise machines at all. Wouldn’t it be better to use lullabies to drown out household noises and calm everybody at the same time? I knew if I could design this portable music player that families would love it. A 21st-century music box would need to shuffle the songs, be easy to control in the dark with one hand, have a timer in case parents didn’t want it to play all night, and be Bluetooth® enabled for streaming other music. It took over two years to bring that simple idea to life, but now the Lullabuddy is finally here. I couldn’t be happier.”




Fran Wishnick (Granny Franny) was a 2017 Family Advocate of the Year award winner in New York State.

Fran is an author, committed advocate and has held elected office.




Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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