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Posted on July 2, 2019 by Christine Crosby in aging. beautiful skin, Karoline, skin, youth

Getting (And Keeping) Beautiful Skin

How to achieve (and keep) beautiful skin


Over 1.5 million Americans spent at least $500 dollars on skin care products last year in the hope of helping us achieve youthful, glowing skin. After all, there’s no escaping that as we get older, our skin changes. It becomes much dryer, thinner and loses its plumpness and smoothness. Years of sun exposure and tanning can make older skin dryer and cause wrinkles and age spots. But with the right skin care regime, you can enjoy smooth and blemish free mature skin without having to go under the knife.

“And remember, when you are outside playing with the grandkids, always make sure you wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin.”

Tackling Age Spots

Age spots are generally caused by the skin’s prolonged exposure to the sun and common with older skin. They don’t cause any harm but can be unsightly and cause marks that are darker than the surrounding skin. It’s best to get advice from your doctor or dermatologist who can recommend an effective cream that will likely contain retinoids, cortisone, and hydroquinone. And remember, when you are outside playing with the grandkids, always make sure you wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin.


Choose Natural Skin Care

You need to take more care when choosing products for more mature skin, as it’s likely to be much more sensitive and prone to dryness and age spots. You can even make your own skin care at home. Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, lemon juice and witch hazel can create gentle remedies that will care for mature skin without the need for harsh (or expensive) products that can dry and aggravate your skin. Creating your own DIY skincare may take a little more effort but you will know exactly what you are putting on your face and the pure, natural ingredients will leave even the most mature skin looking beautifully smooth and blemish free.

Firm Up Sagging Skin

As we get older, the skin on our face starts to sag and gives away our age. Exercise can help improve sagging skin, along with keeping hydrated and regular exfoliation. For very saggy skin, a surgical lift is one solution, which offers the most dramatic results. If you don’t want to go down that route, then there are skin-firming creams available that promise to tighten up saggy skin. However, many of these creams will only offer subtle results. Nonetheless, these creams are actually a very good moisturizer, especially those containing retinol, which can help plump your skin and make those wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable. The results aren’t permanent, so you will need to use the creams every day for a continued result.

A gracefully aging face can be very beautiful, but there are often changes we see happen to our skin that we would rather slow down.  Whether you want to tackle age spots, sensitive dry skin or firm up sagging skin, it’s never too late to care for mature skin.


Karoline Gore left her job as a nutritionist to pursue her passion of free-lance writing. She enjoys the freedom and time with her family and the ability to offer her advice to readers.

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