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Posted on November 2, 2019 by Christine Crosby in Dad Does, Dan Nessel, dominoes, dragon, mr. potatoe head, toys

Hot Toys For The Holidays

Hot Toys for the holidays


Play and enjoy this holiday season

The holidays are here! This month we have a great selection of toys that will make the holidays even more fun. Let’s get to it…


Any wall is now a video game


What happens when you see a duck, UFO or target on your wall? You blast it of course! The ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade allows you to turn any wall into a fun game arcade. Use the included light blasters to try to shoot the ducks, UFOs or targets that dance across the wall. Each set comes with two blasters, so you can battle the grandkids or play together as a multigenerational sharpshooting team!


ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade | $49

Full review & demo of the ProjeX



Mr. Potato Head is back, and he’s got lots to say


We loved Mr. Potato Head and now thanks to some new tech, the grandkids will love him as well. Playskool Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips is a wacky and fun interactive toy. Just attach his mouth and press the buttons, his lips synchronize to wacky songs and funny phrases! With over 40 phrases and 4 parodies to popular songs, the only question is who will love Mr. Potato Head more, the grandkids or you?

Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips | $24.99

Full review & demo of Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips


Are you ready to tame a dragon?


Not ready to give the grandkids a puppy for the holidays? How about a dragon? The Untamed Legends Dragon from WowWee makes all types of fun dragon sounds, lights up and reacts to your touch with his lifelike wings. Hear the grandkids clap twice? Beware, that means the Legends Dragon is in guard mode! Can you tame the dragon?

Untamed Legends Dragon from WowWee  | $39.99

Full review & demo of Untamed Legends Dragon



A Fun New Twist on Dominos

Combine the fun of classic dominos with a multi-level logic game and what do you get? Domino Maze from ThinkFun. With 60 dynamic challenges, the grandkids will learn logic and problem solving, but they will be having too much fun playing with dominos to realize they are learning. You still get all the thrills of chain reactions with dominos, but now you learn spatial skills and try to complete logic puzzles.

Domino Maze from ThinkFun | $29.99



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