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Posted on January 13, 2020 by Christine Crosby in 

GRAND Readers Have Much To Share

From the editor.  We recently asked our readers to share their stories with us. Much to our delight, one of the responses we received was from Lorraine Krsulich, a proud grandmom in New York.

Upon receiving “her story”, we thought her name sounded familiar. Well, sure enough, back in 2015 Lorraine wrote an endearing story for GRAND entitled A Grandmom’s Letter To Her Unborn Grandchild. Upon rereading, we decided to  update and repost.  See below.

Adventures with Mimi!

Some of my adventures included playing hooky from school.  Of course, my adult children went along with this as I had taken them out of school once a year for a special day when they were growing up!

So far we have gone to the theatre, museums, water parks, fishing and of course had many sleepovers. My latest adventure was surprising my grandson on his birthday (he lives out of state), and ringing the doorbell with a huge birthday balloon in hand!  The next day we went to the Boston Aquarium while the other children were in school.  A fabulous day!

Mimi Adventures still in operation!


A Grandmom’s Letter To Her Unborn Grandchild


By Grandmom, Lorraine Krsulich of Ossining, NY

Dear Tiny,

The countdown has begun for D-Day;   48 hours until your Delivery into the world.  Specifically, you are leaving the comfort of the womb and about to experience the journey of life by entering the real world.

I wonder by the time you read this, if the expression, “real world” will still be around, but that’s another topic for another day.  This, however, is the first letter to my first grandchild, you Tiny.

Tiny, that’s the nickname your mom gave you way back in the beginning of her pregnancy.  Dad didn’t want to know what sex you were so Mom went along with his decision.  You’ll learn in life when to pick your battles.

“Never lie and don’t take other kid’s toys without asking.  Laugh often; it’s good for the soul.”

Back to the purpose of this letter; it’s to give you a little history of your parents and some tips on how to be a great kid.  Mom already started you on the right path by taking extremely good care of herself for the last nine months, eating right and exercising, dad and her talking to you constantly; telling you how much they love you, and watching you grow month by month.

The news of your expected arrival was announced to me when you were just a thumbnail.  It was around your late Grandpa Chip’s birthday, September 13, and family and friends got together to celebrate.  We toasted Grandpa and we toasted the expected Krsulich, you, Tiny.  Grandpa Chip isn’t here physically, but he’ll always be at your side.  When you least expect it, you’ll sense his presence.

Your dad and mom love you unconditionally and you must always, always remember that.  No matter what you do, spill milk, throw your food, break a favorite dish, you will always be forgiven.  You can tell them anything; your mom and dad are great listeners. Ask your dad about his free days growing up.  Everyone deserves to have one a year.  Ask your mom about how she met and fell in love with your dad.  You should know all of this.  It’s important that you know how very much your dad and mom love each other and wanted you in their life.

Your mom is smart and has a great sense of humor.  Your dad loves to have a good time but is hardworking.  Both mom and dad always weigh all options before making decisions.  If you want something bad enough, make sure you present a good case.  Don’t whine; no one likes a whiner.  You have no idea how lucky you are to have a mom and dad as you have.  Some people believe that one actually picks his parents; well Tiny you could not have picked better folks to be parents.

Your Aunt Lori can’t wait to see you.  Her stories may vary slightly from your dad’s about life with me and grandpa, but take the best of both versions and you’ll figure out the truth.   Aunt Cari and Uncle Douglas, Aunt Jennifer and Uncle David have provided you with cousins, so learn from Maya and Elli.  They will let you in on how to win over the folks when you’re in a bind.  Your family, by the way, is not just blood related; your mom and dad have lots of friends who will be your extended aunts and uncles, cousins and probably a few extra grandparents for that matter.

Since you are my first grandchild it will be difficult not to spoil you, but what the heck; that’s what I’m told grandparents do.  So deal with it, but don’t be obnoxious.  (Look up the word if you’re not sure what it means).

There is much to tell you, but consider this letter an introduction.  Take a chapter of life one at a time.  Don’t rush into anything.  Think before you speak.  Remember actions speak louder than words. Never lie and don’t take other kid’s toys without asking.  Laugh often; it’s good for the soul.  Not knowing who or what you will become is going to be such a fantastic journey.  What fun!

With much love,

Grammie, gramma, nana, (have you decided what you want to call me yet?)

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Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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