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Posted on February 4, 2020 by Christine Crosby in coding, grandkids, kids, udemy

How & Why Your GRANDkids Should Learn To Code

By Erica Rykun

Why and How Kids Can Learn to Code from Udemy

In this developing technological world, coding will be at the forefront of careers in the future. So, the earlier kids learn coding skills, the better prepared they will be.

Why should kids learn to code?

By learning to code, children gain a variety of skills. These include:

  • Communication: When kids communicate with computers through coding, they must consider what needs to be expressed and find the clearest way of saying it. That process can help children to interact effectively with people too.
  • Confidence: By working through the complex challenges of coding, children become more confident in their skills and abilities.
  • Math and writing skills: When kids code, they learn how to solve problems with mathematical thinking and grasp abstract mathematical concepts. Coding also enables children to organize and synthesize information, which is the basis of writing and storytelling.

How can kids learn to code with Udemy?

The online learning platform Udemy provides a broad range of coding online courses for kids. Children can choose paths focused on specific languages like HTML, or they can opt for more fun game-based introductions to algorithmic logic. Examples of the most popular Udemy courses for kids include the following.

Python Programming

This course is suitable for all ages over five-years-old. With short and colorful apps and games, kids can start programming straight away in Python 3.7 for Mac, Linux, and Windows PC. They can create fun and playable games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, build interactive apps, and master skills for advanced programming courses.

Learn to Code in Scratch

With Scratch 3:0, kids can learn to program, create games, and have lots of fun. As well as coding, children will learn how to make animations and use cool visual effects. The Learn to Code in Scratch program is designed for students to create games and applications with their own two hands.

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