Most Popular Baby Names of 2020 (So far)!


Most Popular Baby Names of 2020 (So far)! today released predictions for the Most Popular Baby Names of 2020.  New entries in the top 10 for boys this year include Henry and Alexander, while Mila cracked the top 10 for girls.

The rankings were determined by analyzing the most recent data from the Social Security Administration, trends from the past five years, and current user interest from millions of visitors to our site.

babyHere are the Top 10 Baby Boys Names for 2020


2020 Ranking2018 Ranking (2019 not released)2018 Actual Totals2020 Projections
  1. Liam
No. 119,83720,740
  1. Noah
No. 218,26716,980
  1. William
No. 314,51613,270
  1. Oliver
No. 513,38913,040
  1. Lucas
No. 812,58512,510
  1. Benjamin
No. 613,38112,300
  1. Elijah
No. 712,86612,260
  1. James
No. 413,52511,960
  1. Henry
No. 1610,64910,690
  1. Alexander
No. 1111,98910,480

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Here are the Top 10 Baby Girl Names for 2020


2020 Ranking2018 Ranking2018 Actual Totals2020 Projections
  1. Emma
No. 118,68816,250
  1. Olivia
No. 217,92115,850
  1. Ava
No. 314,92413,400
  1. Isabella
No. 414,46412,790
  1. Charlotte
No. 612,94012,500
  1. Sophia
No. 513,92812,430
  1. Amelia
No. 812,30112,290
  1. Mia
No. 712,64211,530
  1. Mila
No. 148,12610,790
  1. Harper
No. 910,58210,700

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Do not laugh or gasp when they tell you the baby name.

This generation’s choices are different than yours. When your kids announce they want to name the baby “Apple,” your response must be positive (“Wow!” is always a good answer.) Practice this in advance! I was told about one grandmother who received a call from the new dad as soon as the baby was born. He told her the birth went fine and announced they had named the baby Horatio. Her knee-jerk reaction was to blurt out “You’ve got to be kidding.” Luckily, her son has a sense of humor — but she’s still living that down.

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