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Without Shame – Stories of Addiction and Healing

Without Shame – The Addict’s Mom and Her Family Share Their Stories of Pain and Healing

Authors: Barbara Theodosiou

Reviewer: Jeanette Perkins aka Beeba

Barbara Theodosiou and her family reveal the pain, loss, and connection that emerge from addiction, trauma, codependency, and recovery in this unique view into the heart of a national crisis.

Everyone has an addict in their family or knows a close friend who does. Without Shame follows one family down a dark path after one son, Daniel, becomes addicted to DMX. Since DMX is found in many cough medicines it is readily available. The never ending cycle of rehab and relapse starts. It is heartbreaking to read the book chapters. Most are written by the mother. But there are also offerings by Daniel’s older brother (also an addict who beats drugs), sister, younger half brother and step father. There are even writings and poems from Daniel himself.

The mother, Barbara, seeks support online. As a result, she starts the Facebook page The Addict’s Mom (TAM). In this group everyone can share “Without Shame” their stories and feelings. They understand and don’t judge, even if your actions act as a safety net, enabling the addict.

Daniel’s story does not end well. A lot of addict’s stories end in overdose. Maybe this book will help a family in crisis understand not only the addict’s story, but the family members’ challenges as well. TAM is still alive and thriving and there is a list of additional resources in the back of the book.


Barabara TheodosiouAbout the author:

Barbara Theodosiou is a mother, activist, and the founder of The Addict’s Mom, an online community where tens of thousands of mothers with addicted children can “Share Without Shame.” Barbara has been widely recognized for her work as a family recovery advocate, including the receipt of a White House Champion of Change award in 2016.

Beeba and grands Dec 2019About the reviewer:

Jeanette Perkins is the grandmother of two adorable grandsons. She lives in beautiful St Pete Beach, FL. Jeanette is a product reviewer for GRAND and is looking forward to reviewing lots of new and useful products for all us grandparents.

If you have a product for boomer grandparents and or their grandkids, tell us all about it in an email to editor@grandmagazine.com.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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