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Posted on May 13, 2020 by Christine Crosby in babies, baby names, grandbabies, Infants

Most Popular Baby Names of 2020

Most Popular Baby Names of 2020

Despite Coronavirus, birthrates are expected to remain consistent in 2020, and here is the scoop on boy and girl baby names stealing the show so far this year.

Names.org released predictions for the Most Popular Baby Names of 2020.  New entries in the top 10 for boys this year includes Henry and Alexander, while Mila cracked the top 10 for girls.

The rankings were determined by analyzing the most recent data from the Social Security Administration, trends from the past five years, and current user interest from millions of visitors to our site.

Here are the Top 10 Boys Names for 2020 

2020 Ranking 2018 Ranking (2019 not released) 2018 Actual Totals 2020 Projections
  1. Liam
No. 1 19,837 20,740
  1. Noah
No. 2 18,267 16,980
  1. William
No. 3 14,516 13,270
  1. Oliver
No. 5 13,389 13,040
  1. Lucas
No. 8 12,585 12,510
  1. Benjamin
No. 6 13,381 12,300
  1. Elijah
No. 7 12,866 12,260
  1. James
No. 4 13,525 11,960
  1. Henry
No. 16 10,649 10,690
  1. Alexander
No. 11 11,989 10,480


Here are the Top 10 Girl Names for 2020

2020 Ranking 2018 Ranking 2018 Actual Totals 2020 Projections
  1. Emma
No. 1 18,688 16,250
  1. Olivia
No. 2 17,921 15,850
  1. Ava
No. 3 14,924 13,400
  1. Isabella
No. 4 14,464 12,790
  1. Charlotte
No. 6 12,940 12,500
  1. Sophia
No. 5 13,928 12,430
  1. Amelia
No. 8 12,301 12,290
  1. Mia
No. 7 12,642 11,530
  1. Mila
No. 14 8,126 10,790
  1. Harper
No. 9 10,582 10,700

COVER IMAGE: Gerber Baby Photo Search 9th annual winner: 1-year-old Kairi Yang from Hickory, North Carolina.

After you have the baby name, now how do you enrich your grandbaby’s first year?

baby namesYour sleeping, waking, crying, eating, rocking, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, cruising, walking, talking GRANDbaby


You have a new GRANDbaby!  It’s a major milestone for you and just the beginning of the baby’s major developments. You’ll be an important person in this child’s life. The more you know, the more you can add to his or her well-being and development through all the important stages.

There are two important things to know about the milestones during an infant’s first year of life:

  1. Babies make amazing progress this year. They go from being able only to sleep, cry, and eat to moving around and exploring their world. They become individuals with RUBRIC “minds of their own” in a very real sense. And, they develop an entire range of emotions.
  2. There is no rigid timetable for when an infant will accomplish certain tasks. Don’t let your expectations get in the way of enjoying every minute.

Here is a basic “milestone map” with suggestions for how you can enjoy and interact with this baby and share this wonderful adventure.  Read more

For the Top 10 Modern Baby Names click here

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