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Daypunch is a Kid’s Calendar Kit  that promises quality time for young families


In this increasingly digital age, a Utah entrepreneur has decided to push back with a new product that rewards young children, not with digital beeps, but instead with little slips of paper that educate and entertain.

“To kick off this cool new product for families, Daypunch has a Kickstarter launch date of June 16th. Check it out here on the 16th.”

Tony Wightman has invented an advent calendar, of sorts, that he calls “Daypunch.” It is designed for young families to help create daily “talking time” with their kids. It looks like a square daily desk calendar standing upright.

“It’s a fun way to start the day,” he said. “The kids will use a punch key to punch the date and a little folded piece of paper will pop out of the back.”

DayPunch.comThe unfolded message might feature a cartoon character, a joke, a quote, a proverb, a riddle, art, comics, or a piece of trivia that children will find interesting, he said. Also included in the product are 150 blanks that will give parents the opportunity to insert “secret” messages, of their own creation into the calendar that is refilled each month from supplies in the kit.

“…grandparents will also enjoy using the calendar with their grandchildren.”

Wightman, who thinks of his calendar as an educational tool, said he recognizes that his invention “goes against the digital tide,” but thinks the time is right for a tangible product that he believes will help create “family time.”  He predicts grandparents will also enjoy using the calendar with their grandchildren.

THE KIDS CALENDAR KIT – It’s the gift young families will enjoy 365 days a year!


“We have test marketed this approach and families love it,” he said. “Many adults find the return to a tangible toy they can use with their kids refreshing and the kids don’t have to be taught to enjoy the simple pleasure of a daily surprise.”


The product, which includes enough messages to last a full year, will be available by yearly subscription. Learn more here:





young familiesTony is an inventor and founder of Daypunch. He has been a realtor, property manager, handyman, property claims adjuster, and air freight logistician at San Francisco International Airport. Along the way, one day, he had “a big idea”. Now he is happily working on “making a dream come true”.




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