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How To Share In Your Family’s Most…

How to Share in your Family’s Most Special Occasions

BY Lorraine Stewart

Grand Ideas for connecting to Family Weddings & Christenings!

Every grandparent enjoys seeing the grandchildren they have loved for years get married and begin a new chapter. Or to witness the arrival of a new baby as the next generation begins life anew.

Make the Most of Gifting

  • Whether a grandparent attends family events in person or not, gift selection is a lasting expression of love and care. The most impactful gifts are highly personal ones that connect across generations and last a lifetime!
  • Consider passing down a personal item from your own pretty collections, with a note about its meaning and memory.
  • Trust the experts at Unbox the Dress to repurpose your own or family wedding gowns into special, custom-made family heirlooms the bride or new mother is sure to treasure!
  • Redesigned from wedding dress and lace, unique items like the Bouquet Wrap made from a one of a kind wedding dress that belonged to grandmother can accompany the bride down the aisle.
  • Favorite shower gifts for brides include a Ring Bearer Pillow or  Getting Ready Bridal Robe, all made from lace and satin elements from family wedding dresses.
  • The best baby shower gift ever is a Stunning christening gown, booties and bonnet made from grandma or mom’s wedding dress. An heirloom to be shared across families and generations!
  • Letters and special photographs also personalize gifts even more and are sure to be treasured keepsakes for years to come.

Planning ahead for grandparents to be a part of family gatherings is important. Grandparents can help others plan ahead by requesting what it is they need to enjoy these milestone events with loved ones!

Use our GRAND CheckList to make the day wonderful for everyone!

Feeling Grand!

  • Plan in advance which wedding events, bridal showers, and baptisms grandparents are able to attend in person and /or will participate remotely.
  • Plan for safe social distancing in advance at each event. Request reserve seating, preferably near a friend or family member, near the front for a good view, and close to restrooms. Sanitize all spaces grandparents are to occupy.
  • Carry water and hand sanitizer with your own bag of supplies!
  • Request meal and dietary considerations in advance of the big event
  • Plan transportation to and from events, with possible earlier departure for after activity of a big day. Unless Grandma is a night owl!
  • Select stylish special event clothing choices with color and comfort in mind. (Ask the bride for color suggestions.)  And don’t forget to select shoes that can go the distance!
  • Ask about the grandparents’ role during the wedding or baptism ceremony. It’s helpful to know in advance whether grandparents will offer a prayer or toast, participate in the processional down the aisle, or are to be escorted to their seats early ahead of other guests.
  • Can’t be there in person? Have a family member assist with technology (and practice in advance) to feel as included as possible.

With a little thoughtfulness and advance planning, your family events can still include grandparents in the most meaningful ways!

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Lorraine with her daughter and Unbox the Dress business partner, Grace.

Lorraine Stewart is a respected marketing professional, business owner, and mother to four. With the recent arrival of Oliver Luke this past May, she has recently been “promoted to Grandma!”


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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