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Toys & Tech – From Minecraft to Play-Doh

Toys & Tech – From Minecraft to Play-Doh


This month we have a super fun collection of toys and games that will keep the whole family entertained and having fun.  Let’s jump into it… 

Explore The World of Minecraft, Without The Screen


Minecraft without the screen? Yep, the ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle lets grandkids of all ages enjoy the elements of Minecraft, while also developing critical logic and deduction skills. Work your way through 40 puzzle challenges as you travel through the world of Minecraft, but beware of the Ender Dragon who is out to stop you. As all the pieces are magnetic, this makes a great travel game.

ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle | $14.99

Full review & demo of Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle


Who Knew Stealing and Lying Could Be So Fun?

TOYSIf you have grandkids who are 13+, Jewel Heist is a super fun secret identity strategy game that the whole family can play. You will have a blast stealing, lying and accusing your way to victory in this interactive role-play game. While I am not going to pretend this is an educational game, the grandkids will learn social deduction and questioning skills, which certainly will come in handy in life.


Jewel Heist From Mattel | $14.99



Guess What? Hot Wheels Cars Are Cool Again!

Sure, we loved our Hot Wheels cars when we were kids, but now the grandkids demand more tech in their toys. Enter the Hot Wheels iD Race Portal to make hot wheels cars cool once again. Using the new Hot Wheels iD cars, which have a NFC chip embedded in them, the grandkids can now track speed and laps traveled for their cars. The cars look just like the cars from our childhood, but the extra data that can be tracked with the Race Portal will keep the grandkids interested and most importantly, having fun!

Hot Wheels iD Race Portal  | $34.99




Play-Doh Drizzle Is Now A Thing!

Think you have seen it all when it comes to Play-Doh? How about Play-Doh drizzle that you can put on Play-Doh ice cream? The new Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset comes with Play-Doh Drizzle compound – a pretend syrup that turns into a pretend candy shell when you drizzle it on top of regular Play-Doh. No, you can’t eat it, but what grandkid doesn’t love running their very own ice cream parlor?

Play-Doh Drizzy Ice Cream Playset | $14.99






TOYS Dan Nessel is Director of Product Reviews at DadDoes. Join Dad Does for real-world, brutally honest product reviews of toys and tech, geared toward parents and grandparents.


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