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Summer Reading

Summer Reading for Three to Eight Year Olds

Summer Reading for Three to Eight Year Olds

Reviewed by: Jeanette Perkins aka Beeba

School will be starting soon and whether in the classroom or online learning, the grandkids need to get back in the groove by polishing up on their reading skills. Here are some new offerings that will appeal to all. Find a nice spot in the shade and enjoy.

For Ages 3-5: 


I Really Want Cake coverI Really Want the Cake

Author: Simon Philip

Illustrator: Lucia Gaggiotti

What starts with Mom’s beautifully decorated chocolate cake on the kitchen counter ends in a real struggle for a little girl who REALLY wants to eat the cake. What ensues is a tale of temptation, frustration and dealing with the consequences of your actions. Told from the little’s girls perspective, this story will hit home with any grand who has a sweet tooth. Cute, action packed illustrations. 



Simon Philip

About the author:

Simon  Philip was born in Chichester, England. After studying history at Exeter University, he decided to become a primary school teacher. Teaching rekindled his love of children’s book,so much so that he decided to have a go at writing his own. 

Lucia GaggiottiAbout the illustrator:

Lucia Gaggiotti is a London and Italy-based illustrator and graphic designer.She graduated from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan and moved to London to work as a freelance illustrator.




Roy Digs Dirt coverRoy Digs Dirt

Author: David Shannon

My grandsons love the book “No, David!”. From the same author comes Roy Digs Dirt. Roy loves everything about dirt. He sits, lies and rolls in the dirt. He buries many different things in the dirt. There are two things Roy does NOT dig – ants and baths. Follow Roy through his day as he explores all the different ways he can have fun in dirt. Any grands who love to make mud pies, dig holes or bury things (or have a dog who does) will love this book.


David ShannonAbout the author:

David Shannon is the creator of more than thirty picture books, including No David!, a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year.  He lives in Southern California with family and Roy, their West Highland White Terrier.



For ages 4-8:


Do Not EVER Be a Babysitter coverDo Not EVER Be a Babysitter

Author: Michaela Muntean

Illustrator: Pascal Lemairtre,

Uncle Pig has agreed to babysit his five nieces and nephews for the day. How hard can it be? His sister has left him a list of ideas to keep them busy – playtime, snack time, story time and nap time. But Uncle Pig does not have a lot of experience babysitting and soon there is total chaos. He asks our advice and soon has things under control. The book ends with a fill-in-the-blank page to allow your grand to give their opinions on babysitters. 


Michaela MunteanAbout the author:

Michaela Muntean has had lots of experience babysitting her six younger siblings and her ten nieces and nephews. She is the author of dozens of books, and has also had stints as an editor at Workman Publishing and Parents magazine. She lives in Ghent, New York, with her husband.


Pascal LemaitreAbout the illustrator:

Pascal Lemaitre is a seasoned babysitter and the illustrator of many books for children, including the New York Times bestseller Come With Me by Holly M. McGhee. He lives with his wife and daughter and divides his time between Brooklyn, New York, and Brussels, Belgium, where he teaches illustration.



Chicken Little coverChicken Little – The Real and Totally True Tale

Author: Sam Wedelich

It all starts with a bonk on the head. Chicken Little is searching the sky to find the source when a fellow chicken happens by and misunderstands what Chicken Little has said – :”Just checking in with the sky to make sure it’s not falling” – and runs off to spread a false story and put the barnyard in chaos. Chicken Little spends the rest of the book trying to calm the crowd with facts. 

Adults will enjoy the themes of fake news, using trusted sources and how false rumors spread. Kids will like the simple illustrations of Chicken Little and her friends. A new take on an old tale.


Sam WedelichAbout the author:

Sam Wedelich is a cartoonist, illustrator and designer who has created visual displays for Anthropologie and Free People She is hard at work painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, biking, dancing and seeking beauty while raising two kids with her husband in the Bronx, New York. 



The Keeper of Wild Words

The Keeper of Wild Words

Author: Brooke Smith

Illustrator: Madeline Kloepper

Brooke called her grandmother Mimi. But she was also a grand friend. Mimi was a writer and cherished every word. On Brooke’s last visit before school started, she and Mimi were both in a funk. Brooke did not have anything for show and tell. And Mimi was upset about the words that were slowly disappearing from lack of use. They set out on a quest to find every word on Mimi’s list and fulfill Brooke’s show and tell assignment. Now Brooke will forever be the keeper of the wild words.

Grands will enjoy the journey as Mimi and Brooke find a wren, some blackberries, minnows, a monarch butterfly, doe and Mimi’s favorite word – brook. The illustrations are beautiful and also included in the back is an envelope where grands can collect their own wild words. 


Brooke SmithAbout the author:

Brooke Smith is a poet and children’s book author. She lives in Bend, Oregon, at the end of a long cinder lane. Brooke writes daily from her studio, looking at the meadow and many of the wild words she cherishes. 

Madeline KloepperAbout the illustrator:

Madeline Kloepper is a Canadian artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Major in Illustration from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her work is influenced by childhood, nostalgia, and the relationships we forge with nature. She lives in Prince George, British Columbia.


Beeba and grands Dec 2019About the reviewer:

Jeanette Perkins is the grandmother of two adorable grandsons. She lives in beautiful St Pete Beach, FL. Jeanette is a book and product reviewer for GRAND and is looking forward to reviewing lots of new and useful books and products for all us grandparents.

Need more summer reading ideas? Check out these titles.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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