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RBG. Not just a collar-a rite of passage

RBG – It’s more than a collar…it’s a rite of passage


With tween and teen girls’ thoughts ranging from today’s distanced learning to restricted afterschool sports activities, to boys, it’s remarkable to think they could be inspired to understand the story and impact of (RBG) Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Enter Super Mom and her Pinterest loving friend.

rgbMy forward-thinking daughter, Jennifer, strives diligently to set positive examples for my two granddaughters. She’ll often embed her lessons as an educational experience. OK, a party.

Her latest “educational” quest happened recently when she hosted an RBG documentary film party complete with gift bags filled with a crown, black-rimmed glasses, lace collars, and individual bags of candy for the movie.

Fortunately, the girls are in a COVID-19 cohort social group. They take extra care to wear masks when outside their bubble and, so far, are COVID free.

They started the RBG evening with chips, guacamole, and a meal of tacos with all the extras. For dessert, one of the moms made Chef Martin Ginsburg’s almond cake and decadent chocolate bombe from his Chef Supreme cookbook. While enjoying his famous recipes the girls listened earnestly to my daughter talk about Martin Ginsburg’s wit, wisdom, and unwavering support for his wife.

Wearing their crowns, black shirts with white lace collars, and black-rimmed glasses, they watched the RBG documentary. The girls were surprised to learn everything the Chief Justice had to overcome and everything she had accomplished.



They understood that despite RBG’s academic brilliance and remarkable law school accomplishments, she was held back from serving the law due to gender and religious prejudice. In spite of this, she was driven to strive forward and ultimately arrive at the most prestigious position in the highest court in our country. She’s an extraordinary role model.

The two moms held a post-RBG documentary discussion and challenged all the girls to be willing to accept this rite of passage and take up the baton from where RBG left it. They entrusted them to continue to break barriers; to take bold steps forward, and to do their part to advance equal opportunities.   A valuable lesson for all of us.

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pat-burns-head-shot2Pat Burns is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Orange County Children’s Book Festival; a Celebrity Journalist, Film Reporter, the author of Grandparents Rock®. Also, a happy grandmother of four.


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