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Wikki Stix – Innovation in a Pandemic!

Wikki Stix – Innovation in a Pandemic!

Over the years, we have heard about many unusual uses of our product, Wikki Stix, beyond being a creative activity toy and teaching tool. Our customers frequently share their unique ideas with us, from a quick fix for a watchband to securing dried flowers in a vase. We thought we had heard them all.

But many more have surfaced, due to the pandemic.

We all know how resourceful teachers are… now struggling to find ways to teach…that are engaging, successful and safe.  All in a year when kids can’t share materials or touch much of anything.

(Assorted Fun Favors image – caption: Teaching in a Pandemic. Link: https://www.wikkistix.com/product/assorted-fun-favors/)


Wikki Stix
Teaching in a Pandemic

Some innovative second grade teachers in Maryland reached out to us, asking if they could buy the little Mini Play Paks they had seen in restaurants, each offering 8 Wikki Stix and an activity sheet in a small poly bag.  The teachers wanted to buy one bag for each student… their very own hands-on teaching tool!

Our Mini Play Paks are typically used by restaurants and airlines, but also bought as Trick-or-Treat Handouts, for Easter baskets, birthday party favors, stocking stuffers and travel fun.  This was definitely a new application! And it’s one that has caught on; we have shipped Mini Play Paks to schools in almost every state.


Wikki Stix
Halloween in a Pandemic


For Halloween this year, we have yet another new use, since going door-to-door is not an option. Turn Trick or Treat into Hide & Seek!  Those same little Mini Play Paks, in a Halloween theme, can be hidden around the house for costumed kids to find and enjoy!






ANXIETY IN A PANDEMIC….who isn’t feeling that?

Wikki Stix



Anxiety….who isn’t feeling that?  Wikki Stix work wonders as a simple, quiet fidget toy. (Used for years by Occupational Therapists to help settle restless kids.) Just working a couple in your hand can be amazingly calming.







Family Fun in a Pandemic

With all the at-home time families are sharing these days, new games are a godsend.  The new Do-Wikki game is easily adaptable so everyone can play, from the 4-year-old to Dad! Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s Game of the Year it is brand new and only $14.95.





We are proud of the fact that Wikki Stix are wholly Made in the USA and have been for 30 years.  We are also proud of the many, many awards our products have received.


But even more than awards, we are proud to be a product people respect and reach for when they know they need “something” that will work.

Wikki Stix are available on Amazon.com (Free Shipping with Prime) or wikkistix.com.


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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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