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Posted on November 19, 2020 by Christine Crosby in 

The Gift Of Love, Laughter, And Legacy: Grandma & Me

Little Bridges™ Activity Kits  – The Gift of Love, Laughter, and Legacy! Grandma & Me

Grandparents know that family stories and important conversations are essential to a child’s well-being.  Yet, in this busy world, it’s often hard to find time to get past the practical (Did you brush your teeth?) and on to the profound (Do you know the stories behind our cherished family traditions?) That’s where Little Bridges™ activity kits can help! 

Grandma & me: In the Kitchen is an activity kit for grandmother and her 4+ grandchild that is intentionally designed to inspire shared moments that nurture strong intergenerational connections. The good news?  Research shows that these connections are mutually beneficial; contributing to both a child’s sense of self and an adult’s sense of purpose.

Grandma & Me

The kit includes:

A read-aloud storybook

One-of-a-kind Activity Recipe Journal

A keepsake potholder for Grandma

A keepsake apron for Grandchild

Fabric paint for personalization

LOVEEncourage Meaningful Conversations

Simply spending time doing activities together encourages thoughtful comments that can lead to real connections. The influence of meaningful conversations cannot be underestimated…they have the potential to guide, inspire action, and change lives.

LAUGHTERRely on Trusted, Quality Product

Grandma & Me

It’s no secret that children love products that make them laugh and the trusted professionals behind Little Bridges design to delight. They know that wit along with wisdom are the magic ingredients of any interaction.

LEGACYShare Cherished Family Stories

Stories define such things as resilience and empathy—without even mentioning the words. The one-of-a-kind Activity Recipe Journal allows you to tell the stories behind favorite family recipes. New ideas mingled with cherished traditions often redefine motivation and purpose…for both young and old!

Grandma & Me: In the Kitchen is available now, no subscription required.

Visit us at www.littlebridges.com to order one today!




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