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As this Holiday Season is upon us, Family Holiday Traditions, a family-owned business based in Maryland, is bringing back simpler times and joyful childhood memories with an exciting new product- Santa’s Scout.

Santa’s Scout is a new interactive adventure where children receive a visit from and see Santa’s magical reindeer named Scout outside–then they know that Santa is on the way!  Inspired by traditional Christmas experiences and designed with a modern-day twist, this unique activity will provide parents and grandparents an opportunity to create their own holiday traditions with their children.

SANTA’S SCOUT, A NEW FAMILY HOLIDAY TRADITION  is a fun-filled Holiday at-home activity that engages families in an exciting adventure to seek and find Santa’s reindeer helper named Scout.  Scout is Santa’s navigator, a charming little reindeer who, with his yellow star nose, locates the homes of good boys and girls on Christmas Eve! Children will see Scout’s shining star nose outside and rejoice knowing that Santa is close behind! Seeing is believing! Each year families will look forward to this memorable activity, while children will remember to stay on Santa’s “Nice List” as they eagerly await a personal visit from Santa’s Scout! Santa’s Scout

Activity Kit includes a beautifully illustrated children’s storybook, an adorable plush Scout reindeer with a glowing nose, and a remote-controlled shining star that is placed outside of children’s windows to help guide Santa’s Scout on Christmas Eve!


Visit us at: www.lookoutforscout.com for Special Holiday offers today!




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Michelle D. Budd, a graduate of the University of Maryland, earned a degree in Public Relations.  As a working mother, wife, and daughter, she is dedicated to creating and sharing meaningful traditions to bring families together.



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