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Posted on June 23, 2021 by Christine Crosby in 

Dogs At Work


Have you ever looked into the eyes of your dog and wondered what they’re thinking? In Balzer + Bray’s  (an imprint of HarperCollins) new book, Dogs at Work, author Margaret Cardillo and illustrator Zachariah OHora invite readers to imagine what keeps a dog’s mind occupied on the job…not just in their cozy homes, but more importantly out in the workforce.

This is a book about dogs and the jobs they do, written from the perspective of the children they live with. The children in the families are questioning where their dogs go every day when they leave the house. “What do they do all day? How could they leave us behind?” they ask.

In fanciful retro colors of pink, black, aqua, and avocado, illustrator OHora (Wolfie the Bunny, and No Fits, Nelson) shows us the jobs that keep dogs busy. We learn about seeing-eye dogs, herding and hauling dogs, rescue dogs, and even a dog who serves as a mayor! While there are many non-fiction books about dogs and their jobs, there are few that capture the imagination of a child and read and present as a story instead of a documentary.”

“At home and at work, they meet the demands of both people and their tasks with admirable strength and stamina.”

Margaret Cardillo is looking at dogs through the eyes of children who are waiting impatiently for their dogs to return home.  While the dogs might be exhausted after a hard day’s work, the children ask, “Who will tuck us in? Who will give us kisses before bed? Who will be our best friend?”

Clearly, these dogs are busy canines with jobs inside and outside of their homes. They work hard and they play hard. At home and at work, they meet the demands of both people and their tasks with admirable strength and stamina. Oh, that the same could be said of their humans…

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dogs at workEmily Morgan hosts The Grand Life podcast. Now in its third season, and recently named the top grandparenting podcast by Feedspot, her podcast tackles many topics surrounding the adventure of wholehearted grandparenting.

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