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Posted on June 8, 2021 by Christine Crosby in birthday, Granddad, grandfather, grandpa, Martin Gleeson

Who Gets To Be A Great Granddad?

A Great Granddad


Limerick, Ireland

Mary stopped the car just outside Leonard’s Newsagents. She handed a $20 note to her ten-year-old son David and told him, “There will be plenty of birthday cards on the shelves. Just get a nice one with HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDDAD on it. Make sure it doesn’t have the age on it. You know Granddad does not like people to know his age.”

David left the car while Mary stayed behind to keep her eye on the new ever-vigilant traffic warden. His name was Hitchell but the townspeople of Killaddan had quickly rechristened him, Hitler.

After a few minutes, David came out of the shop and jumped into the back of the car. He held a big red envelope in his hand.

“Let me see it, David,” said Mary and she took the card from him.

After she had looked at it she handed it back and said:

“That is the wrong birthday card, David. You must bring it back and get the correct one. This one is for a Great-Granddad, not a Granddad.”

But David said, “Mommy, you always say that Granddad is a great man. You say that he is great when he minds me on the days you go shopping. And I think he is great when he tells me stories and plays games with me.”

Mary thought about this for a minute and then told David that the card was fine. They would write a message on it and post it.

David was right, Granddad was a great Granddad!


Martin lives in Limerick, Ireland

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