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Posted on July 13, 2021 by Christine Crosby in educational, grandchildren, grandparents, STEM, Wikki Stix

Be Your Grandkids’ Favorite Science Teacher With Wikki Stix!

Be Your Grandkids’ Favorite Science Teacher With Wikki Stix!

Back-to-school for the grandkids…most likely, this fall. And you may be concerned that they have fallen behind without in-person instruction and classroom interaction over this long, challenging stretch.  And the STEM subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are likely places where kids may have struggled.

wikki stixEnter Wikki Stix, the mistake-proof teaching tool and learning medium that makes the tough stuff FUN!

Kids are often intimidated by the STEM subjects and those may have been the hardest for parents to home-school.  Wikki Stix provides an engaging, hands-on way to help your grandkids catch up .. and create some fun bonding time in the process.

Made of non-toxic wax and yarn, they stick with just fingertip pressure to paper and other smooth surfaces… no glue, no paste, no mess!  And they are easy to peel up and reposition, so “mistakes” virtually disappear.  Perfect for those challenging STEM subjects.

wikki stixWikki Stix are fun, colorful, easy to use, and endlessly reusable.

And the Wikki Stix  STEM Pak provides lots of examples of science projects that kids will love to make…a flower cross-section…the human digestive system…continental drift… and a truly hands-on way to understand fractions.  Plus constellations… or the solar system. The ideas are endless… and sure to get an A+ for a science project!


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Made in the USA where they originated 31 years ago, Wikki Stix are a classroom staple in many schools.  Easily available on Amazon, they are also great for at-home learning and can provide a delightful bonding

experience, collaborating on a STEM project.

The Wikki Stix website provides a wide range of science activities from elementary to middle school levels. And all of these activities provide hands-on, engaged learning.  As the saying goes: 

Tell me…I forget.     Show me…I remember.     

Involve me…I understand.

Click Here for More Educational Resources and Lesson Plans

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