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Posted on August 27, 2021 by Christine Crosby in bake, movie night, online games, rainy day

8 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day at Home

We have a good share of cold and wet weather in Finland, but this doesn’t mean we can’t do anything fun on a rainy day! There are plenty of things to do indoors apart from watching TV or staring at a screen.

In this piece, we are going to give you inspiration on what to do on a rainy day when you are confined indoors. We will concentrate on quality entertainment that is good for the whole family with the help of iGaming expert Auli Wälkky. You can find out more about Auli if you click here.

Visit a museum

rainyIf you live in a city, most likely there are museums you can visit. Museum visits are a must for tourists, but locals often don’t come to think of visiting museums in their hometown. Check out what your city has to offer, get in the car and visit the museum of your choice. Looking at art or learning something new is always a good thing, and it can invigorate you for the rest of the day.

Play games online

RAINYFinns love online gambling and in fact, over 20% of people play some games at online casinos. The choice of games is practically unlimited, from fun slot machines to strategic card games like poker or blackjack. You will find plenty of online casinos that accept players from Finland, for example, Joy Casino. Most casinos will let you test the games for free in demo mode, so you can get the hang of the game before you wager some money on it.

Plan a vacation

You might be confined indoors now, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a great trip. Trip planning is one of the best rainy-day activities—you can imagine lounging on the beach in some tropical destination, exploring temples, or doing something adventurous. Trip planning can be done with the help of the kids if they are big enough – it can even be educational. Tell them to look up accommodation and activities for a certain budget and let see what they can come up with!

Play no-batteries games home

In this day and age, we spend way too much time on our phones, tablets, or in front of the TV. Going offline and playing games that don’t require digital technology is great for the whole family. Some of the best rainy-day activities for kids are playing board games like Scrabble or Monopoly or card games. If your house is big enough, you could even play minigolf!


In our hectic lives, we don’t get to bake much, as baking sweet treats is not strictly necessary. However, most kids love to bake. You can involve them in every step, starting with planning on what to bake, measuring the ingredients, kneading dough, and decorating the cake or the cookies. Baking holds the extra incentive of the delicious treat at the end.

Make a movie night

RAINY Everybody loves movies, and you can make an evening out of watching them. You can set up everything perfectly—buy some soda and popcorn, prepare comfy blankets and get a selection of movies so that you can all agree on what to watch. You can check out a hotlist of the most popular movies on platforms such as IMDb in case you need inspiration.

Get crafty

Kids love crafts and getting artsy can be very beneficial. It aids their hand-eye coordination, and it teaches them how to solve problems. Get some colored paper, glue, glitter, and stickers, clear the kitchen table and encourage them to come up with something original!

Visit a spa

There is nothing more pleasant on a rainy day than visiting a spa. Soak in the warm water, get a relaxing massage and enjoy water therapy. Some spas cater for kids too with slides and kid’s pools. If it is just the two of you, you can make it romantic by booking a private session.


There is plenty you can do on a rainy day, so don’t let the bad weather ruin it for you. Next time you’re out of ideas, get back to this list and have a fun day with the whole family.





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