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Posted on August 5, 2021 by Christine Crosby in game, gamer, games, grandparents, seniors, video

Another Game Some Grandparents Like To Play

6 Steps to Develop Your Game

Video game development is a multi-step process that requires organization, imagination, research, and attention to detail with several stages of development:

This is a complex process. Professional game studios have hundreds of people working on concept design, programming, art design, animation, and sound design. However, even those who don’t have all these skills can design a simple game based on their knowledge.

Her years of experience in online gambling and expertise in the casino gaming industry have the author Michael Vestersen (check profile) showing us some of the most relevant steps to succeed when developing a game.


Plan the concept

When considering how to create a game, it is essential to understand the many parts involved, from the game engine, programming, graphics, animation to sound and music.

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Start simple and treat your first game as a learning experience rather than a polished project. Explore different genres, look at what is popular in the media, and write down any video game ideas that come to mind. Take time and patience to start your game development process step by step on your path to glory.

Research and create a game design document

Defining how to create a game involves, above all, extensive research to start building a game design document. This document summarises the entire project and outlines all the essential details, such as game mechanics, genre, world building, story, and marketing strategy.

When designing a more complex game with a team of people, as it often happens with any casino game development, this document becomes ever more relevant.

The process on how to create video games is an example of deep research and finding the right people for the right pieces. As a game designer, you should decide what game programming language you will use, how large your development team will be, and the various resources you will require.

Start building

Once the research is complete, you can start your game development process step by step.

You will need to select the best programming language and game engine for your concept. The game engine renders the graphics and sound and controls the physics of the game, collision detection, scripting, artificial intelligence, and much more.

During the development phase, it’s also essential to start the scripting code of the game. Having a sizable budget means you can hire a team of programmers to program the scripting code and save time.

Refine your concept

gameIt’s prototypes that help find discrepancies and other issues early in the design process. It needs to be at a basic level with a primary playable character. This is used to build and test the basic mechanics of your game.

Make sure your game has all the necessary facets, the setting, missions, level design, characters, and sound effects. If you are building a role-playing game, make sure you follow the logic of the plot and that the characters make sense. If you create a platform game included in your casino game development project, you need to focus on a wider variety of concepts without compromising gameplay.

Test your game

Whether you do the testing yourself or hand the task over to quality assurance testers, every game must be thoroughly tested before it is released. Testers focus on the gameplay from a technical standpoint.

You will learn a lot by playing your game, especially when mechanics don’t work or specific parts are not as engaging as you thought. You will also find out what you can add to the game to make it better.

 Market your game

At the end of your game development process, you will need to start making your game known and marketing it on as many relevant platforms as possible.

Create a website and use social media for advertising it. Include a playable demo and email your game to video game sites as well as video game testers.

Once the game is ready for release, you may opt for offering discounted copies or a free version and distribute via app stores to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

The process on how to create video games varies according to the concept, but it’s mostly about putting the pieces of a vast puzzle together. Bringing life to such a project requires energy, time, and patience. Should you find the right team and share these concepts amongst you, the road to success may be shorter than expected.

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