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Yoga Pants, Masks, and Eyebrows

Yoga Pants, Masks, and Eyebrows


While waiting for COVID vaccine, even the smallest of things can help bring some joy. Being comfortable rises to the top of the list. And, for being comfortable, nothing beats yoga pants while still looking like you’re a cool person. So drop the baggie sweatpants and pull up the yoga pants. You’ll look and feel so much better.

Everyone knows by now, wearing masks can keep us safe.  The positive side of wearing masks is there’s no longer any need for wearing lipstick. Now, it’s all about the eyes. And, eyebrows are the frames. We don’t have to be beauty experts to notice what our eyebrows need and clearly I’m no expert but I have paid attention to the many ways to make the best of your eyebrows. Even eyebrows, like mine, that are over plucked and all but gone.

If only pulling off attractive eyebrows were as easy as pulling on yoga pants. Not to worry, this article offers some beauty tips for purchasing products, what the costs are, and the “how-to” when it comes to application.

Before I share the eyebrow makeup routine that works for my dismal, over-plucked eyebrows, I must first admit that 30 or so years ago I did have permanent makeup (tattoo) applied to my eyebrows. Back then it cost me $300 and retouches were $150. Now, I’ve been told the cost is $500. In case you’re thinking about this option, I say YES, go for it. Just know that the pain was handled with several Tylenol, two glasses of wine, and someone driving me.

Even with permanent makeup, the color fades. Decades later my eyebrows are a faded, reddish-brown, instead of dark brown. This doesn’t look good with my hair color which is (dyed) dark brown. What did I expect after 30 years? Needless to say, I must apply brow makeup before going out of my house or for ZOOM meetings.

Makeup Application Routine


Start with a clean face. After applying moisturizer, use a wet cotton pad (or cloth) to wipe the brows clean. This must be done before applying any eyebrow makeup. Otherwise, the makeup will simply wipe off or slip away.

The specific products you use are a personal decision. My routine involves several different products to achieve the look I want. Using a 15X magnifying mirror and good light, I apply short strokes with a Microblade pen. Starting at the front of my brow, I apply quick short strokes and finish with a straight line just past the center of my brow to the very end of what would have been a full brow, if I still had hair there.

Be sure to complete the entire brow even if there’s no hair. This will provide a better-looking brow that truly frames your face. It’s helpful to have clean cotton swabs nearby to correct or remove any misapplication. Since the color dries very quickly, you’ll need to correct it immediately.

The second part of my process is to use a different brow makeup application from COVERGIRL. This one is a wand brush to color some of the gray hairs not covered by the Microblade pen. Once both are completely dry, I then apply my foundation makeup which is a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, cream blush, and top off my entire face with a light dusting of translucent powder.

The last two steps are, first, using an old toothbrush I groom the eyebrows to remove any powder and excess brow makeup. This step makes a big difference. The brushing softens the look and presents a more natural look. Then, I use a clean makeup sponge to smooth and even the entire face.

This may seem like too many steps for some, but from start to finish it takes me around only 5-6 minutes. Now I’m ready for ZOOM or going to the grocery store without looking invisible.

On the other hand, my sister Cathy prefers one and done. She uses a pencil from IT makeup called BROW POWER. This product has a roll-up pencil on one end and at the other end a brush. Cathy makes a quick line of color, a quick brush and she’s done in less than a minute. With my faded tattooed brows, I need more. I add extra color and a system that’s more permanent.

No matter which system you prefer, having your eyebrows look normal and attractive can help put your best face forward and ready to face whatever comes your way.

If you have a crazy, fun, or interesting eyebrow story click here.


Pat Burns is the co-founder and executive director of the Orange County Children’s Book Festival; a celebrity journalist, film reporter, the author of Grandparents Rock®. Also, a happy grandmother of four.

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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