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How Microentrepreneurs Will Save the World in 2022

How Microentrepreneurs Will Save the World in 2022

By Deanna Shoss

Are you a microentrepreneur? Thank you for helping to save the world!

In the “olden days” a microentrepreneur was you working in your basement tapping away at your computer, renting a mailbox at a business center to hide your lack of office. Today 50% of entrepreneurs work from home, boldly saying “why on earth would I want to spend time commuting?”

Indeed, a favorite morning ritual for me is humming BTO’s “if your train’s on time you can get to work by nine…” as I descend the staircase at five to the hour.

When Small is Good

Today’s microentrepreneurs are people running very small businesses that they started with little or no capital. “Very small” is defined as fewer than 10 people. The SBA defines “small” businesses as fewer than 500. For context, 89% of all US businesses have under 20 employees. (See these fun stats about microentrepreneurs from Small Biz Genius here.)

Is this you? Then thank you, my friend. You are the secret to saving democracy, the economy, and kindness in 2022. Here’s how.

How Microentrepreneurs are the Pillar of Democracy

The Wall Street Journal reports on the “big guys,” often citing bloated financial projections, staggering losses, massive lay-offs, and astronomical salaries going to misbehaving CEOs, resulting in a widening gap between the haves and have nots.

All the while, you are quietly plugging away serving clients and building your business. Small businesses constitute a strong middle class, and a robust middle class is essential to the survival of democracy. Your success sustains you and your family and ensures the future of USAmerica.

How Microentrepreneurs Buoy the Economy

Group of happy multiethnic business people showing sign of success. Successful business team showing thumbs up and looking at camera. Portrait of smiling businessmen and businesswomen cheering.

What do you know? How can you package it into sellable increments—be it a product or service? Who needs it and will buy if from you? And, voila, you are in business.

You need a computer, wi-fi, and an idea—and it doesn’t even need to be fully-fledged. Your business and niche evolve as you learn and do. A microenterprise is based on you having something you can sell and somebody who will buy it (And you need a way to get the word out to your target buyers. Just saying…says the marketer.)

Not everything has to be big to succeed. It’s about knowing your “nut,” your monthly personal and businesses expenses, and making enough money to cover that and hopefully, plan for the future. You are helping drive the economy through your spending and planning and buying from other microentrepreneurs.

How Microentrepreneurs Model Kindness

What if growth in revenue wasn’t the only objective measurement of business success? What if there was an algorithm to factor in employee and owner happiness and life balance? That might be naïve for big business, but it’s the essence of the joy of microentrepreneurs.

Building our own vision for success includes being kind to yourself and those who work for you. And since many microentrepreneurs build their client base locally and through referrals, being nice and kind is par for the course. People still want to work with people they like and are easy to work with.

2022: The Year of the Microentrepreneur

The end of 2021 saw the “Great Resignation” as a record number of people left their jobs. Those hiring liked to say, “people don’t want to work when they can get a handout from the government.” But what if the truth is people don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t’ respect them, treats them like a cog in the machine, that puts their safety and mental well-being behind the profits of the company?

Work-life balance became more fluid with work from home. While that presented challenges, the extraordinary change, and loss over the past two years have prompted many to look for more purpose, meaning, and overall satisfaction with life through microentrepreneurship. Will that be you in 2022?

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microentrenprenuersDEANNA SHOSS is the founder and CEO of Intercultural Talk, a digital, intercultural, and real-life marketing agency that helps “second actors” navigate today’s communication technologies to support their goals. And she’s the host of Intercultural Spark, a weekly live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn featuring interviews with people about the spark inside them that drives them to spark change in the world with their mission-driven businesses and life projects.  Shoss speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and French and is a certified Body Pump instructor. Learn more at interculturaltalk.com.


Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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