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2022 Best-of-the-Best Grandparent Resources

2022 best- of-the-best grandparent resources


Back in 2005 when we first launched GRAND Magazine, we had the good fortune to meet Dr. Arthur Kornhaber. I refer to him as the “Grandfather of Grandparents” because he was one of the very first who researched and identified the amazing connection between grandparents and grandchildren. You can learn more about Arthur here.

Today, there is a lot of great information being offered to help us grands on our journey through this exciting and sometimes challenging stage of life.

We are happy to present to you GRAND Magazine’s 2022 Best of the Best Grandparent Resources. This list is not in any special order or ranked in any way. These people are all dedicated, compassionate advocates for grandparents around the world. We would not dare to put them in competition with each other.

If we left anyone out, please let us know. This field is growing fast as is the population of grandparents we all serve

GaGa Sisterhood – Donne Davis

2022 best of the best grandparentsDonne Davis is the founder of the GaGa Sisterhood, a national membership organization for enthusiastic grandmas to connect, grow, learn and share. She founded the organization in 2003 after witnessing the birth of her first granddaughter and going completely “gaga.” Donne hosts a monthly speaker series on Zoom for grandmas from all over the U.S.

Donne is the author of When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand: 4 Keys to L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild’s Parents — a practical guide for handling the most common grandparenting challenges.

She writes and speaks about her experiences and observations of grandparenting on her award-winning blog in her monthly newsletter and to community organizations.






Grandma’s Briefs – Lisa Carpenter

best of the best grandparents

Grandma’s Briefs is for grandmothers and others interested in the grandma lifestyle. Posts include activities, ideas, and crafts for kids; grandparenting quips, commentaries, and how-tos; profiles of grandmothers; recipes; product reviews; travel pieces; and more.

When I first became a grandmother, back in 2008, I found a few regularly updated blogs by and for grandmothers, so I decided to give it a whirl. This is my whirl. I started whirling in July of 2009 and am still whirling more than a decade later (albeit not as often as I did initially). I’m happy to report that in that time, the number of blogging grandparents has grown and the grandma blogger community of which I’m a member now thrives.






Grandparents Link – Kay Ziplow and Leslie Zinberg

Best of the best grandparents

Grandparentslink.com, your VIP access to all things grandparenting, offers a distinctive platform and a fresh approach to topics affecting grandparents as they experience and navigate their lives. Readers stay in the know and in the present with articles on health and nutrition, recipes, personal well-being, relationships, arts and crafts, the latest products and books for children and adults, and more. Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter and don’t miss the daily posts and stories on Instagram (@grandparentslink) and Facebook. As co-founders, Kay Ziplow and Leslie  Zinberg say, “We are your community… at your fingertips.”






Founded in 2011 by Aaron Larsen as a way to honor his grandparents, GrandparentsAcademy.com is the world’s first and only online academy dedicated to helping grandparents grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with their loved ones. Our resources including guides, videos and posts have reached millions of grandparents and thousands have enrolled from all over the globe.


Nanahood – Teresa Bell-Kindred

best of the best grandparents

Hi! I’m Teresa Bell Kindred, the bloggy-est nana in the hood.

For over 12 years, I’ve hosted her grandparent website, social media and more to help all grandparents.

Teresa is the author of several books including The Knot at the End of Your Rope; Ten Ways to Hold on When You are Stressed Out and Mom: PhD-A Simple 6 Step course on Leadership for Moms. She was a major contributor to Humor for a Teacher’s Heart and Cup of Comfort Devotional: Daily Reminders of God’s Love and Grace. She also authored four Precious Moments books that were illustrated by Sam Butcher. Check out her amazing Facebook page here.




The Grand Life – Emily Morgan


Emily Morgan and her husband are the founders and creative talent for The Grand Life Podcast now in its fourth season. The Grand Life Podcast was named the top grandparenting podcast by Feed spot. Her podcast tackles many topics surrounding the adventure of wholehearted grandparenting. Emily teaches us that grandparenting with our whole hearts takes time and intention.

This podcast entertains, educates, and enlightens grandparents who want to become the best they can be. Author Emily Morgan hosts an exploration of grandparenting, the relationships within the role, and the ways in which our grandparenting impacts our children and their children.




The Cool Grandpa Podcast – Greg Payne

best of the best grandparents

My name is Greg Payne, I was recently made a grandpa. Truth be told, this was a mixed event. On one hand, I was excited for my son and daughter-in-law to present this news to me. On the other hand, I felt that I was too young to become a grandpa. At the tender age of 48, I was just starting to figure out my elbow from a hole in the ground.

What did I know about being a grandpa? Not much. Like being a husband, I had seen some good examples and plenty of bad examples of being a husband. The same holds true for being a grandpa.

I have found that in most books, movies, tv shows, etc. grandpas are often just afterthoughts, jokes, or villains. I am all of those things and at the same time none of those things.

I thought that a community of grandpas that had real-life experiences as sons, husbands, fathers, and most importantly Grandfathers needed to be built.

So, here we are.






Adventures with Grammy Podcastgrandparents – Carolyn Berry

The Adventures with Grammy podcast is for grandparents who are on-the-go with their grandchildren and for parents who want their children to enjoy loving relationships across the generations.










Learn with Grandma Internationalgrandparents

Valerie Wood-Gaiger

Valerie is the founder and leader of Learn with Grandma International. Learn with Grandma’s mission is to help empower young and old by uniting the generations; sharing ideas of how to use the Internet as a bridge; uniting generations and helping break down the digital age gap by sharing skills, love, and knowledge across the generations in ways that are achievable, affordable, sustainable and fun!

Over the years GRAND Magazine has saluted some very special grandparents. In 2019 we were thrilled to introduce Valerie as our 2019  GRANDparent of the Year.   She is a lady that certainly deserved the honor. Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE (An MBE is a British honor that is awarded to a person by the King or Queen for a particular achievement. MBE is an abbreviation for ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’. Valerie received her medal in Buckingham Palace from Prince Charles who has a home in her village of Myddfai in The Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.








Grandkids Mattergrandparents

Dr. Ken Canfield

Grandparents have a profound influence on future generations. Regrettably, their influence in America has been understated and often overlooked. New research demonstrates that grandchildren thrive when grandparents are proactive in supporting and developing a relationship with their grandchildren, and grandparents thrive when they are actively involved in their grandchildren’s lives. Further, when grandparents are involved in preparing their heirs with regard to perpetuating their values and a strong work ethic, the success of those “prepared” heirs increase significantly.

At the National Association for Grandparenting, we seek to validate and empower grandparents as they bond with future generations in meaningful ways and leave a lasting positive legacy. Grandparents are important contributors to children and society, and we are here as a clearinghouse of information, bringing top-notch resources and insights to grandparents.










Grandmas 2.0

Dr. Marsha McLean

Grandma of seven, ranging in age from one to 20 years old.  She likes to hang out with her grandchildren every chance she gets, they bring her so much joy.  In fact, each year she and her husband do a “Grand trip” with the grandkids each summer.

Although the love of her grandchildren runs deep, Dr. McLean is a woman who loves life. She believes that at this point in her life, her number one responsibility is self-care, so that she can be the best she can be for her grands.  So, these days, you will find her living her best life by working out at least five times a week. Her company, Grandmas2.0, offers a virtual workout session for grandmas.

She meal plans, too! She says, “I’m not vegan but I am vegan-ish.” Dr. McLean has always been a fashionista! So, on any given day, you may see her sporting the latest fashion trends: workout gear to evening wear.









grandparents What Happens At Grandmas  

Joyce Gillis

There is no better way to establish rapport with grandchildren than to join them, side by side, on creative projects. Most children love to craft, and they view their efforts satisfactorily. Many grandmothers feel inadequate. My job is to guide them to a state of confidence with personally experienced ideas and methods. My background as an art teacher influences content; no reason for those little Picassos to walk away without fancy art terms defined in accompaniment of pint-sized portfolios! Come on over, grandma, and fill up on the energy, satisfaction, and intrigue of shared creativity in crafting and play-acting!

Grandma and blogger, Joyce Gillis believes in making her home an irresistible magnet, a welcoming haven of comfort, safety, love, affirmation, spontaneous originality, and infectious joy for the entire extended family. Join Joyce in fostering creativity.



Ask Granny grandparents


Juliet Hambro is the founder of Askgranny.com, a unique online resource providing grandparents and seniors with everything they need on the Internet. Juliet has a new and refreshing perspective. After spending time in California researching the

Internet along with the economic importance of grandparents in the US and the world, Ask Granny was born worldwide.

Nonna Juliet, or Granny Juju had the idea for the website shortly after she became a grandmother for the first time and was having trouble finding useful online information and gift ideas for grandparents and grandkids. Ask Granny is a one-stop shop for information, news, and features relating to grandparents






Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D.

Dr. Rancourt’s column, “Ask Dr. Gramma Karen,” provides advice for parents, grandparents, and grandchildren who are dealing with intergenerational issues. Beginning eight years ago, her column continues to be hosted by GRAND Magazine. 

In addition to It’s All About Relationships! New Ways to Make Them Healthy and Fulfilling, at Home and at Work, Dr. Rancourt authored Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Helping Young Parents and Grandparents Deal with Thorny Issues and Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, Volume II: Savvy Advice to Soothe Parent-Grandparent Conflicts .










The Long Distance Grandparent

Dr. Kerry Bryne

The go to place for all things grandparenting across the miles.  We fight the distance with love, creativity, and a plan for connection.

Many of you have already rolled up your grandparenting sleeves. You know that like any relationship you’ve nurtured in life, it takes a bit of planning and preparation. But grandparents of today are also busy with their own lives. That’s why we focus on quick and meaningful ways to build the Bridge of Connection to your grandchild.

Kerry Byrne, Ph.D., has studied aging and care for 25 years. She is the Founder of The Long Distance Grandparent, a mission-driven business helping grandparents build strong bonds with their grandchildren from a distance.













GRANDPARENTING 101 – Richard and Linda Eyre

The Eyres, after nearly 40 years of writing and speaking to parents throughout the world, have now turned their attention to where their own life is—grandparenting, partnering with and parenting adult children, and finding balance between family, ongoing work, retirement, estate planning, travel, and living the fullest and richest Autumn-Season possible (They prefer to call it “Indian Summer”).

Grandparenting today is where parenting was 50 or 60 years ago—there are few books and resources available to give us the answers and ideas we need. And yet many of us will be grandparents for three or four decades—more than twice as much time as we had while parenting a child in our home! And becoming an effective proactive grandparent is not easy. We have to learn how to communicate with a new generation of kids, and we have to learn to teach and to give to them in ways that do not bypass or step on the toes of the parents.

That’s why Richard and Linda have developed Grandparenting 101, a fun and impactful online Zoom course on the art of developing effective, difference-making relationships with our grandkids.

Serving, Supporting & Stimulating Parents Around The World Since 1980






Adventures in Nanalandgrandparents – Jill Bowler

My given name is Jill, but like most of you, when my first grandchild was born, I needed a “grandparent” name. My kids asked me what we wanted the grandchildren to call us. Oh my! That set off a decision-making process that was more involved than building a 7,500-piece Lego set (the newest Millennium Falcon Collector set – the Littles love Legos)!

Since my hubby and I still had both sets of parents living, they were already “grandma and grandpa” on both sides! We needed something to set us apart to avoid confusion.

Because my grandkids were going to have a special name for me and my hubby, we created a special name for them. They have become our “Littles.” There are 15 of those “Littles” now, and soon they will be bigger than me (which won’t be too hard since I’m only about 5’2” on a “tall” day anyway).

However, the highlight of every year is Camp NanaPapa! It’s our “grandma” camp where we have the grandkids all to ourselves and have more fun than on “regular” days!





More Than Grand – DeeDee Moore

When I found out that I was going to be a grandmother, I searched the internet for advice on establishing a strong relationship with my grandchildren. Though I found a few articles here and there, most of the grandparenting websites I found seemed to be focused on how much fun it is. I wanted more than fun and I suspect you do too.

I created More Than Grand with a focus on how important it is to be a grandparent. There is plenty of fun along the way, but it’s fun with a purpose; how to make the most of your role as a grandparent.  How to be more than grand.

Our blog will provide you with tons of information and inspiration.





Generations United’s Center for Grandfamilies





Generations United’s National Center on Grandfamilies works to enact policies and promote programs to help grandfamilies address challenges.

Our work is informed by a national network of grandfamily caregivers. For information on existing state laws and policies affecting grandfamilies.







Estrangement –

 Dr. Joshua Coleman

Grandparent alienation If you don’t know what grandparent alienation is, count yourself lucky.  Dr. Coleman provides real life expertise for grandparents, families and individuals dealing with grandparent/parent alienation or estrangement. Joshua Coleman is a psychologist and senior fellow at the Council on Contemporary Families, and the author of the book Rules of Estrangement: Why Adult Children Cut Ties and How to Heal the Conflict DrColeman’s free Q & A, webinars, articles, events, and videos are shared so you may become an active participant in this healing journey









4 Generations Institute –  

 Jack Levine

Jack is the father of two sons and now the proud, Pop Pop of two granddaughters. The 4Generations Institute cultivates the exchange of wisdom and energy among our generations – children/youth/young adults, parents, grandparents, and elders.

The Institute serves to promote community volunteerism for mutual benefit.

To sign up for Jack Levine’s free newsletter click here






 The Grandparent Connector – Zero To Three

As childcare costs continue to rise, more and more grandparents are stepping up to care for today’s infants and toddlers.

While there are great rewards to these relationships, the dynamics can be challenging to navigate. ZERO TO THREE has created a suite of resources for professionals and families that include the latest information, tools, and best practices to help support caregivers across the generations.







Bill McKibben

Third Act is people over the age of 60 — “experienced Americans” — determined to change the world for the better. We muster political and economic power to move Washington and Wall Street in the name of a fairer, more sustainable society and planet. We back up the great work of younger people, and we make good trouble of our own.

Washington and Wall Street have to listen when we speak, because we vote and because we have a large—maybe an overlarge—share of the country’s assets. And many of us have kids and grandkids and great grandkids: we have, in other words, very real reasons to worry and to work.









Grandparents for Social ActionGRandparents – Sharon Morton

Sharon Morton is the grandmother of five grandchildren, ages six to 18.  She is the founder of Grandparents for Social Action and serves as Executive Director. Sharon worked for 32 years as Director of Religious Education at Am Shalom in Glencoe, Illinois, with a specialty in holistic education and social action work.

As an active leader in the community, Sharon is an inspirational storyteller and travels throughout the United States to talk with grandparents about social action.  She has led service trips to Poland, Israel, Cuba, Russia, and across the US.  To advance the mission of Grandparents for Social Action, Sharon’s speaking engagements focus on several critical elements:

Establishing a philanthropy fund so children learn to be lifelong philanthropists;

Writing a social action life history as well as sharing your dreams and hopes for your grandchildren and for the world, in order to leave a legacy to your family;  Understanding that individuals can transform lives, solve problems and change the world;

Discussing books in regard to their social action message to teach grandchildren;

Developing activities and concepts that will create lifelong memories and goals for grandchildren.






Lifelong Chicagoan Jerry Witkovsky (MSW, University of Illinois) has been a beloved mentor to thousands of individuals and generations of families, thanks to 47 years of professional leadership – 18 of them, as General Director – of Chicago’s Jewish Community Centers.

Jerry believes that Grandparenting can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. And you can provide your grandkids with one of the most important experiences of their lives.


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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