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2022 Gorgeous Grandmas


On July 23, 2022; National Gorgeous Grandma Day, 20 Grandmas from around the world anxiously awaited to see if they would be honored as Gorgeous Grandma of the Night. Grandmas2.0, an organization that focuses on Redefining Grandmas hosted a Coronation event in honor of National Gorgeous Grandma Day of 2022.

The event celebrated Grandmas who have a deep and abiding affection for their family, and an inspiring enthusiasm for life.  The event honored Grandmas that defy society’s expectations and unapologetically are themselves by living their best life.

The campaign ran from May 15th through July 22nd. Grandmas nominated themselves or were nominated by someone else; family or friends to be a part of the campaign.  Grandmas from around the world engaged in the campaign; America, Dominican Republic, Canada, and the United Kingdom; Wales to be specific. The campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram, Nominees had to encourage family and friends to like their photo.  You could vote as many times as you like for your nominee. The Grandmas with the highest likes were crowned first, second, and third runner-up.

1st runner up: Dahlia Douglas-Ingram

2nd runner up: Cynthia Malone

3rd runner up: Valerie Wood- Gaiger

(learn more about Valerie in GRAND Magazine here)

Grandma of the Night: Dr. Carmen Bovell

In addition to the highest likes, each Nominee had a chance to tell their own story that they prepared in advance of the event to convince the judges that they should be crowned Gorgeous Grandma of the Night.  Each Grandma was encouraged to “glam up” on the night of the event, July 23, 2022. Everyone was gorgeous!

The Judges Choice was Dr. Carmen Bovell, a native of Guyana who convinced the judges that she was hands-down the Gorgeous Grandma of the Night.  Dr. Marsha McLean hosted the event virtually on Zoom, you can find the complete event on Grandmas2.0 YouTube channel.  Our Sponsors for the event were Spicy Jewels, Built by Blanca, SJ Wellness Coaching, April Hill Artistry, and Yeht. Co.


Grandma of seven, ranging in age from one to 20 years old.  She likes to hang out with her grandchildren every chance she gets, they bring her so much joy.  In fact, each year she and her husband do a “Grand trip” with the grandkids each summer.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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