For Our Grandchildren; Fight Climate Change

The following came from our friend, Rick Moody  CLIMATE CHANGE IN AN AGING SOCIETY (Aug. 26, 2022)



In August, 2020, when my wife and I moved to San Mateo, California there was a monstrous wildfire the day we drover the border, with smoke darkening the skies even at midday.  In the middle of the day our daughter was taking our then 4-year old granddaughter to nursery school, and the little girl looked up and asked “Mommy, why are we going to school at night?”

On climate change, let’s be thinking about the grandchildren and those who follow us. For us in California, there are other problems on the horizon:

“Climate change doubles likelihood of ‘megaflood’ in California” at:


Every day I send 20 or 25 messages to political leaders (Joe Biden, key Senators, state legislators) as well as corporate leaders (Home Depot, Citicorp, etc.) all through a simple app and at no cost.

It takes me, literally, 10 minutes to send those emails, each already carefully composed for its target audience, and signed by me “As a grandfather worried about children and grandchildren in a warming world…” etc.

To download the app (for any cell phone) visit:

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3 Win-Win-Win Steps For Seniors To Fight Climate Change


A recent report from the United Nations warns that we’re running out of time to avoid catastrophic worldwide disruptions from global warming. The U.N. report describes the science confirming the evidence that many of us have been experiencing first-hand—extreme temperatures, droughts, wildfires, and flooding.

“Current retirees and seniors won’t likely experience the most disruptive consequences of climate change during our lifetimes — it’s our children and grandchildren who could experience serious disruptions in their lives.”

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